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Contents: Issue 6: Fall 2012


Essays and Creative Nonfiction

William L. Alton Agoraphobia
T. Nicole Cirone Caught in the Act
Thomas E. Kennedy Two Danish Words in Memory of Thelonious Monk
Anabel Chapman: An Introduction
Clint Margrave Bill of Writes: Life, Liberty, and the Poetics of Authenticity
Lee Martin Never Thirteen
[An excerpt from the memoir, Such a Life]
Peter Najarian Nineteen Eighty-One and Eighty-Two
Lennox Raphael Inner Walking with a Danish Writer:
On Jens Olav Magnussen


Featured Author

Steve Davenport Overpass
[Poems + Reviews and More]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Fall 2012:

Judith Arcana &
Judith Barrington
A Conversation Between Judith Arcana &
Judith Barrington

“...poetry, writing, politics, sexuality, the classics and their experiences as women, teachers and poets...”
[Eclectica: Vol 13, No 3: July/August 2009]
Oronte Churm Steve Davenport and Bruce Rummenie Talk Poetry
Inside Higher Ed, 4 February 2011
[Entry includes links to six podcasts.]
Okla Elliott Agnosticism and Atheism: Five Misconceptions, Five Quotes, and One Video
“In effect, nearly all atheists are actually agnostics in that they admit there is the possibility of a god or many gods existing.”
[As It Ought To Be, 23 July 2012]
Richard Gilbert Review/Q&A: Lee Martin’s Such a Life
[Narrative, 6 May 2012]
Christopher Higgs Talking With Okla Elliott
A discussion “...from art to politics to influence to the narcissism of minute differences.
[HTML Giant, 20 June 2012]
Lee Martin Ignorance, Lies, Imagination and Subversion in the Writing of Memoir and the Personal Essay
[Brevity Craft Essays, September 2011]
Carolyn Miller The World as It Is
[American Life in Poetry (Column 269), with intro by Ted Kooser]


Featured Sites

List for Fall 2012: Authors Audio

Contemporary World Literature

Literary Mama

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol

[We’re proud and honored to be counted amongst WDS’s top 50 literary magazines.]


Flash Fiction

Raul Clement Another Apocalypse
David Memmott Armageddon on Monday Night Football
Unheard Concert, or Dead Rock Stars Return on a Ghost Plane



Derek Alger An Interview with Kelly Cherry



Deborah Allbritain Del Mar Pizza
Bonnie Auslander Quilt + Curtains = Authenticity
Sarai Austin Dog Town
A Week After
Annabel Chapman For John Robin
Just on the Other Side
Tambourine Lifetime
The Last Day of Autumn
See also Anabel Chapman: An Introduction
Ted Gilley Virginia
Debbie Hall Detritus
What We Feared
P. K. Harmon What Wave
What Birth
What Affliction
What Identity
See also Renée Ashley’s review of What Island
Jackleen Holton The Birthday Party
She Talks in Our Sleep
How Good Girls Go Bad
Walker Creek
Graciela Huinao See Translations below
Barbara Weeks Huntington And You Were Just Some Guy
Robin Keehn Avoiding the Sentimental
Bill Lovelady Bare ruined choir
Carnival knowledge
Carolyn Miller [Two Poems + Commentary]
New Lines for Fortune Cookies
Michael Nieman Why I Never Got to Write It Down
Barry North The First Time
Penny Perry [Two Poems + Commentary]
In Their Corners
McCarthy on the Radio
Andrea Potos For My Friend Who Called Me Fuddy Duddy
It Happens in Italy
Doren Robbins Against Angels [+ Commentary]
Ron Salisbury Hearing Aids
Margaret Towner Third Grade Writing Assignment
Border Crossing
How to Achieve Wetback Status
Childhood Grief
[Translation of poem by Graciela Huinao]


Poets Talk

Carolyn Miller Swimming with Marilyn
Penny Perry On the Poems in Santa Monica Disposal & Salvage
Doren Robbins On “Against Angels”



Renée Ashley What Island
[Review of poems by P. K. Harmon (Serving House Books, 2012)]
Duff Brenna Lolita on Steroids
[Review of Robert Gover’s novel, On the Run With Dick and Jane (Hopewell Publications, 2006)]
R. A. Rycraft A Vision of Neon
[Review of memoir by Angela M. Graziano (Serving House Books, 2012)]


Short Stories

Karen Ackland The House on Kingsley Drive
Judith Arcana Answering the Question
Walter Cummins Dance with Me!
David S. McCabe The Death of Chato
[An excerpt from the novel, Without Sin]
Lars Rasmussen Fighting Toads
Leah Weiss Crossing the Line



Graciela Huinao Luto Infantil [Childhood Grief]
[A poem translated from Spanish by
Margaret Towner]


Visual Arts

Anabel Chapman Painting: Untitled [Orange Fish]
Painting: Untitled [Blue Owl]
Peter Najarian Painting: Three Sculptures
Cindy Sheppard Photograph: Box Canyon with Waterfall
Photograph: Red Wall Cavern
Photograph: Stairway to Heaven
Gladys Swan Painting: Untitled
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury