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Serving House Journal:
Index of Contributors & Works

For those who enjoy perusing data in lists and inventories, we are pleased to offer this index for your browsing pleasure and convenience.

Our tenth issue represented a milestone to be proud of: five years of publishing fine writing. With the launch of Issue 10 in November 2014, we were gratified and grateful to report that 693 works by 310 authors, poets, and artists had appeared in these digital pages.

Three cheers and a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of our contributors. We look forward to the next five years.

Name of Author   Title of Work   Genre Issue
A [Back to Alpha Menu]
Accomando, Claire Hsu   Pilgrims   Poem 16
Ackland, Karen   The House on Kingsley Drive   Short Story 6
Adjarian, M. M.   The Secret Life of Holly Golightly   Short Story 15
Adler, Frances Payne   Battle   Poem 9
Adler, Frances Payne   Camera   Poem 9
Adler, Frances Payne   Cracking Open   Poem 7
Adler, Frances Payne   Evolution   Poem 9
Adler, Frances Payne   in the mirror   Poem 5
Adler, Frances Payne   On Poems from Dare I Call You Cousin   Commentary 5
Adler, Frances Payne   South Hebron Hills, West Bank   Photograph 9
Adler, Frances Payne   When Your Eyes   Poem 5
Akers, Ellery   Mud Lake   Poem 8
Akins, Ellen   Her Delivery   Short Story 2
Alex   Dangling   Poem 8
Alger, Derek   Kelly Cherry   Interview 6
Alger, Derek   Lauren B. Davis   Interview 5
Alger, Derek   DeWitt Henry   Interview 7
Alger, Derek   Greg Herriges [+ an update for Spring 2013]   Interview 7
Alger, Derek   Bruce Holbert   Interview 7
Alger, Derek   Lance Olsen   Interview 9
Alger, Derek   Terese Svoboda   Interview 2
Alger, Derek   You Never Know What You Might See   Essay 5
Allbritain, Deborah   A Little Haunting   Poem 14
Allbritain, Deborah   Sappho Learns of Your Death   Poem 12
Allbritain, Deborah   Taking Down Christmas   Poem 16
Allbritain, Deborah   The Birch Canoe Slid on Rough Planks   Poem 14
Allbritain, Deborah Harding   Del Mar Pizza   Poem 6
Allbritain, Deborah Harding   Faith   Poem 6
Allbritain, Deborah Harding   Lilly   Prose Poem 9
Allbritain, Deborah Harding   Matthew   Poem 6
Alluri, Hari Malagayo   invest in loss   Poem 10
Alton, William L.   Agoraphobia   Essay 6
Altshul, Laura   Hannah Cries Out from the Grave   Poem 16
Altshul, Victor   Dear Emily   Poem 15
Anderson, Marit   Something About Bob   Poem 18
Andes, Tom   Sylvie   Short Story 9
Andes, Tom   Thomas E. Kennedy’s Dangerous Songs   Interview 8
Andrews, Nin   Cinderella   Poem 10
Andrews, Nin   My Invisible Valentine   Prose Poem 10
Andrews, Nin   The Perfect Company   Poem 10
Arcana, Judith   Answering the Question   Short Story 6
Arcana, Judith   Knocking   Short Story 6
Arin, Jennifer   ¡Ole, the Rhythms of Sevilla!   Essay 4
Arsanjani, Dr. Ali   On Rumi’s Ode 1360   Commentary 9
Arsanjani, Dr. Ali   I’ve Come Again [Rumi’s Ode 1360 from The Book of Shams]   Translation 9
Ashley, Renée   Look   Poem 1
Ashley, Renée   Three Pieces: Ambiguous with Respect to Their Realization (Upon Hearing the Music of Three Young Experimental Composers)   Poem 1
Ashley, Renée   What Island [poems by P. K. Harmon]   Review 6
Athanassiades, Angie   Boats Against the Current   CNF Essay 10
Auerbach, Carl   Bed of Nails   Poem 14
Auslander, Bonnie   Quilt + Curtains = Authenticity   Poem 6
Austin, Sarai   Dog Town   Poem 6
Austin, Sarai   A Week After   Poem 6
Axelrod, David   Boxing Lessons   Essay 9
B [Back to Alpha Menu]
Baines, Gay   The Great Writer   Poem 13
Balcewicz, Marta   Recess Games   Poem 14
Balwit, Devon   Passing Through   Poem 15
Barkley, Judith   1976—First Christmas with Jean Lucille   Poem 8
Barkley, Judith   Memory   Poem 8
Barlier, Cécile   Wednesdays of the Japanese Wave   Short Story 9
Bass, Ellen   At The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California   Poem 9
Bass, Ellen   Pray for Peace   Poem 9
Bass, Ellen   Waiting for Rain   Poem 9
Bayer, Deborah   Rising Incense   Poem 13
Bayer, Deborah   Story for My Sister   Poem 13
Becker, Robin   Words With Friends   Poem 18
Beers, Shaindel   Ephemera   Poem 16
Behm-Steinberg, Hugh   The Trap   Poem 9
Bentley, Dick   Health Care   Flash Fiction 18
Betts, Tara   Prayer Box   Poem 16
Bharda, Robert   Five “Quanta Smears”   Digital Images 15
Bigham, Sarah   Why her fingertip became the blade   Poem 16
Bigler, Amanda   Cardinal   Flash Fiction 15
Bittar, Doris   [A True Humanitarian]   Nonfiction 16
Bitting, Michelle   I Don’t Want a Funeral   Poem 17
Bjarnholt, Karsten   Devils [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 10
Bjarnholt, Karsten   Hitler [see above]   Poem 10
Bjarnholt, Karsten   Power [see above]   Poem 10
Bjarnholt, Karsten   The Dandelion’s Root [see above]   Poem 10
Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne   The Month For Me Is April [see above]   Poem 4
Black, Darrell   Two Artworks (A Really Bad Trip and Bunte Moo)   Drawings 17
Blake, William   The Ancient of Days [+ commentary by Clare MacQueen]   Engraving All
Bogen, Laurel Ann   Imprint, May, 1970   Poem 7
Bogen, Laurel Ann   Kisses I Remember   Poem 17
Bogen, Laurel Ann   On “Imprint, May, 1970”   Commentary 7
Bolland, Peter   [A Pillar of Our Own Reach]   Nonfiction 12
Bolsey, Carole   Black Horse Red Man   Painting 4
Bolsey, Carole   Horse and Man   Painting 4
Bolsey, Carole   Wild Horse   Painting 4
Bowen, David   Shibboleth   Flash Fiction 9
Boyles, Jill   Moving Toward a Polish National Identity   Essay 14
Braden, Elya   Two Poems (“Diaspora” and “Expiration Date”)   Poetry 17
Brantingham, John   A Man Stepping into a River   Prose Poem 7
Brantingham, John   Apology to Madeline   Prose Poem 7
Brantingham, John   Poem to the Child Who I Almost Adopted   Prose Poem 7
Brantingham, John   Thinking About Wilfred Owen   Prose Poem 7
Breedlove, Nan   Ashes   Poem 15
Breedlove, Nan   For A   Poem 15
Breedlove, Nan   Mother in Kitchen   Poem 15
Brenna, Duff   A Conversation With Award-Winning Poet/Novelist Jack Driscoll   Interview 3
Brenna, Duff   A New Reading of Rilke’s “Elegies” by John Mood   Review 1
Brenna, Duff   A Song of Innocence [a novel by Greg Herriges]   Review 7
Brenna, Duff   A Visionary’s Visions [Beneath the Coyote Hills, a novel by William Luvaas]   Review 15
Brenna, Duff   An Agenbite of Inwit & Other Wits as Well
[George W. Bush Buys Coke in Mid-Eternity, satire by Liam MacSheóinín]
  Review 3
Brenna, Duff   Apocalypse Now [Ashes Rain Down, a collection of linked short stories by William Luvaas]   Review 7
Brenna, Duff   Beginnings and Endings   Essay 12
Brenna, Duff   Beneath the Neon Egg [a novel by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Review 10
Brenna, Duff   Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective [a memoir by Jerry Castaldo]   Review 4
Brenna, Duff   Devil in the Hole [a novel by Charles Salzberg]   Review 8
Brenna, Duff   Flashes of War [short stories by Katey Schultz]   Review 8
Brenna, Duff   George Orwell & Language Control   Essay 2
Brenna, Duff   Getting Lucky: New and Selected Stories 1982-2012 by Thomas E. Kennedy   Review 8
Brenna, Duff   Just Before Sleep: Haibun Stories by Dan Gilmore   Review 13
Brenna, Duff   Kerrigan in Copenhagen: A Love Story [a novel by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Review 8
Brenna, Duff   Letters to the Grandchildren [essays by Skip Eisiminger]   Review 10
Brenna, Duff   Lolita on Steroids [On the Run With Dick and Jane, a novel by Robert Gover]   Review 6
Brenna, Duff   Pirates You Don’t Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life [essays by John Griswold]   Review 10
Brenna, Duff   PrimeTime [a post-cyberpunk novel by David Memmott]   Review 16
Brenna, Duff   Sloth [a seriocomic novel by Mark Goldblatt]   Review 3
Brenna, Duff   Something about Steve   Nonfiction 12
Brenna, Duff   Streethearts Street Smarts [Streethearts, a novel by Greg Herriges]   Review 4
Brenna, Duff   “The Crying Card” [a short story by Lisa Alexander]   Review 8
Brenna, Duff   The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot by Jack Driscoll [Short stories]   Review 17
Brenna, Duff   The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers by Thomas Fleming   Review 1
Brenna, Duff   The King of the Underground Writers [The Best of Bumpus, short stories by Jerry Bumpus]   Review 18
Brenna, Duff   The Point Is to Persist [Thomas E. Kennedy’s novel, Falling Sideways]   Review 5
Brenna, Duff   The Point Is to Persist: Part II [Thomas E. Kennedy’s novel-in-essays, Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down]   Review 5
Brenna, Duff   The Tiger’s Eye: New and Selected Stories by Gladys Swan   Review 4
Brenna, Duff   The Winter Dance Party Murders [a novel by Greg Herriges]   Review 12
Brenna, Duff   Three Books by Lance Olsen: 10:01, Nietzsche’s Kisses, and Anxious Pleasures: A Novel After Kafka   Review 9
Broad, Malcolm James   Veronica Times Veronica Cubed   Short Story 12
Brooks, Jackie Zollo   In Black and White   Short Story 2
Brown, James   Some Kind of Animal [from This River: A Memoir]   Memoir 3
Brown, Kurt   A Moment   Poem 1
Brown, Kurt   Two Blondes with Hammers   Poem 1
Bryant, Linda   No One Knows Why   Poem 18
Buckley, John F.   Season’s Greetings   Poem 17
Buehler, Joseph   Merchandise   Poem 14
Bumpus, Jerry   Anaconda [An excerpt from the novel]   Fiction 17
Bumpus, Jerry   The Dirigible   Flash Fiction 17
Burnett, Fran   Inventory 1995   Poem 7
Byrd, Sara   An Interview With Thomas E. Kennedy   Interview 4
C [Back to Alpha Menu]
C., S.   Fake Smile   Poem 8
Calaway, Tim   The Poetry Teacher   Poem 12
Canter, Anne   Determination Is the Cat   Poem 13
Carr, Steve   The Shoe Tree Incident   Flash Fiction 18
Carroll, Peter Neil   Free Trade   Poem 17
Cesmat, Brandon   Dinners To-Go   Poem 12
Chamaa, Rebecca   Diet Away   Poem 8
Chamaa, Rebecca   The Exposure After Death   Poem 8
Chamaa, Rebecca   The Last Act   Nonfiction 12
Chamaa, Rebecca   The Most Meaningful Memorial   Nonfiction 12
Chamaa, Rebecca   When Dinner Bleeds   Poem 9
Chandler, Carolyn   The Quilt Trail: Painted Tributes to a Venerable Craft   Essay + Photos 13
Chapman, Annabel   For John Robin   Poem 6
Chapman, Annabel   Just on the Other Side   Poem 6
Chapman, Annabel   Tambourine Lifetime   Poem 6
Chapman, Annabel   The Last Day of Autumn   Poem 6
Chapman, Annabel   Untitled [Blue Owl]   Painting 6
Chapman, Annabel   Untitled [Orange Fish]   Painting 6
Charrat Nelson, Priscilla   [“Looking Like an Academic”]   Nonfiction + Photos 16
Cirone, T Nicole   Caught in the Act   Essay 6
Cirone, T Nicole   Language in Pablo Neruda’s Memoirs   Essay 15
Cirone, T Nicole   Old School Bush   Essay 2
Cirone, T Nicole   On Sleeping in Another Woman’s Bed   Essay 4
Cirone, T Nicole   St. Rita and the Magical Lemon   CNF 16
Clausen, Jan   Trilogy Off Flatbush   American Sentences 4
Clemen, D.E.   All of Our Souls Are Stained Red Like Her Shoes   Memoir 14
Clement, Raul   Another Apocalypse   Flash Fiction 6
Clement, Raul   The Archangel Michael   Flash Fiction 5
Clement, Raul   The Crust of Life   Flash Fiction 5
Collins, Billy   Empty House   Poem 8
Collins, Billy   Pausing on a Walk in the Woods   Poem 8
Conroy, Flower   At the Tip of a Continent   Poem 1
Conroy, Flower   Sexy Neck Blushing   Poem 2
Conroy, Flower   Target Practice   Poem 1
Cook, Molly Larson   Love Song with Flip Chart and Pointer   Poem 16
Cook, Molly Larson   The Pursuit of Happiness   Poem 18
Coomer, A. S.   More Rust than Nickel   Short Story 14
Cooper, Jack   A Note of Thanks [from our Guest Poetry Editor]   Nonfiction 16
Cornell, M. Doretta   Celery   Poem 15
Cornell, M. Doretta   Perhaps   Poem 17
Corser, Kira Carrillo   Whose Army, Whose Children   Photograph 9
Cottom, Caroline   Packing Wings   Poem 15
Crenshaw, Paul   Career Day   Flash Fiction 9
Cummins, Walter   Beardless in Mississippi   Essay 10
Cummins, Walter   Casting Lures   Short Story 18
Cummins, Walter   Celebrities   Short Story 15
Cummins, Walter   Creating Identities   Essay 15
Cummins, Walter   Creative Minds and Mental States   Nonfiction 16
Cummins, Walter   Dance with Me!   Short Story 6
Cummins, Walter   Freak of Nature   Essay 8
Cummins, Walter   How I Became a College Professor   Essay 12
Cummins, Walter   Knowing Vance Bourjaily   Essay 3
Cummins, Walter   Knowing Writers   Essay 17
Cummins, Walter   Nightfall   Short Story 14
Cummins, Walter   Nowhere   Short Story 1
Cummins, Walter   Oubliette   Short Story 4
Cummins, Walter   Richard E. Kim’s The Martyred: Fleeting Fame   Essay/Review 13
Cummins, Walter   Signatures in Stone [a novel by Linda Lappin]   Review 8
Cummins, Walter   The Bell at the End of a Rope [stories by Abby Frucht]   Review 7
Cummins, Walter   The Book of Idiots [a novel by Christopher Meredith]   Review 7
Cummins, Walter   The Lost Ones   Short Story 5
Cutlip, Kimbra   Cavallo   Short Story 4
D [Back to Alpha Menu]
Dacey, Phillip   Don’t Tell Sister Mary Rose   Poem 1
Dacey, Phillip   New York Postcard Sonnet #85   Poem 1
Darian, Ron   Snow Season   Short Story 12
Davenport, Steve   Big Bill and the Circus Bear   CNF 18
Davenport, Steve   Dear Money Shot   Micro-Essay 7
Davenport, Steve   Gestation of “One Much One”: Ditty Went the Long Way   Essay 5
Davenport, Steve   Hartford, Illinois   Poem 1
Davenport, Steve   Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down   Poem 1
Davenport, Steve   On Overpass   Commentary 6
Davenport, Steve   Race & Place 1968   Essay 12
Davenport, Steve   Sauget Dead Wagon [from Overpass]   Poem 6
David, Scott   Insider Trading for Dummies   Short Story 12
Davis, Arthur   Angeline   Short Story 9
Davis, Lauren B.   Our Daily Bread [Chapter One from the novel]   Fiction 4
Dawson, Colleen   [Two Poems]   American Sentences 4
Day, Holly   8 and 10   Poem 10
Day, Holly   Grace   Poem 10
Day, Lucille Lang   The Last Slave   Short Story 13
Deason, Jude   Acorn   Poem 12
Deason, Jude   And We All Go Down Together   Poem 12
Deason, Jude   In New Mexico, Another Lover   Poem 12
Delmont, Linda   The Cool Sub   Poem 7
Demaree, Darren C.   Three Poems (A Night So Beautiful We Had to Burn Down the Senator’s House #34, #35, and #36)   Poetry 17
Denny, David   Summer School   Poem 16
devries, Rachel Guido   Tattoo: A Memory   Poem 18
Difalco, Salvatore   Rapunzel   Flash Fiction 18
Difalco, Salvatore   The Love Police   Flash Fiction 18
Dillon, Jude   Two Poems ([A large whiskey has focus] and [You’re on the last drop])   Poetry 17
DiMartino, Anna   A Cricket’s Prayer   Poem 12
DiMartino, Anna   At 5am   Poem 8
DiMartino, Anna   Life, Unexpected   Poem 10
DiMartino, Anna   The Trouble with Night   Poem 8
DiMatteo, Anthony   Beautiful   Poem 2
Djuric, George   Live Your Own Life, for You Will Die Your Own Death   Short Story 7
Djuric, George   Safari Through Psychodelia   Essay 8
Donsbach Tomlinson, Margaret   Homecoming   Poem 16
Doreski, William   Pianos of Snow   Poem 16
Douglass, Karen   Living Together Alone   Poem 9
Douglass, Karen   Making Sackcloth   Poem 9
Douglass, M. Scott   Highway Man   Poem 13
Douglass, M. Scott   Pegged   Poem 13
Drayus, Frankie   Blue Agave   Poem 18
Drew, George   Camping Out on the Styx   Poem 18
Driscoll, Jack   Prowlers   Short Story 2
Driscoll, Jack   The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot   Short Story 17
Dubey, Jessica   Plagiarized   Poem 8
Duemer, Joseph   Abandoned Bluetick Bitch   Poem 3
Duemer, Joseph   On “Abandoned Bluetick Bitch”   Commentary 3
Dugan, Nancy Ford   Harnessing Big Data   Short Story 10
Dugger, Trish   The Scarcity of Sharks   Poem 16
Duncan, Susan G.   Heat Wave   Poem 13
Duncan, Susan G.   Vigil   Poem 13
Dunn, Stephen   One Source   Poem 1
E [Back to Alpha Menu]
E, Halfdan   Last Walk Through the City [clip from CD, Dan Turèll+Halfdan E Meets Thomas E. Kennedy: AN INTRODUCTION]   Soundtrack 8
Edwards, Elisabeth Adwin   Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear or For Your Information   Poem 17
Eiden, Dick   Eclipse at Wounded Knee, August 21, 2017   Pantoum 18
Eisiminger, Skip   Averting the Snide Effects: Satire   Essay 13
Eisiminger, Skip   Black-Powder Summer and Nuclear Winters: Nukes   Essay 13
Eisiminger, Skip   Boiling the Lance: Recreational Linguistics   Essay 14
Eisiminger, Skip   Dead But Not Buried: Last Words   Essay 17
Eisiminger, Skip   Disputing the Indisputable: Taste   Essay 17
Eisiminger, Skip   Green Roofs and Goats: Architecture   Essay 18
Eisiminger, Skip   Housing Missiles Better Than Humans: Defensive Conundrums   Essay 12
Eisiminger, Skip   Liquid Lapis Coursing Through the Veins: Royalty   Essay 17
Eisiminger, Skip   My Achilles Tooth: Salt   Essay 16
Eisiminger, Skip   Original Skin: Race   Essay 15
Eisiminger, Skip   Pieing It Forward: Clowning   Essay 16
Eisiminger, Skip   Silverback Palindromes: Mirrors   Essay 16
Eisiminger, Skip   Squaring the Circle with the Philosopher’s Stone: Divine Numbers   Essay 12
Eisiminger, Skip   When Cucumber Vines Tangle with the Concubines: Malapropisms   Essay 13
Elkin, J. C.   [Two Poems]   American Sentences 4
Ellenberger, James   Geometry makes you tender;   Prose Poem 18
Elliott, Okla   An Old Man Dying Tells His Son   Poem 16
Elliott, Okla   Antinomies and Intensities   Poem 16
Elliott, Okla   Aubade   Poem 16
Elliott, Okla   El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles [from From the Crooked Timber: a novella & stories]   Fiction 5
Elliott, Okla   Entrances and Exits   Poem 16
Elliott, Okla   Lonely Tylenol   Flash Fiction 4
Elliott, Okla   The Unicyclist Has Found Love at Last   Poem 16
Elliott, Okla   Transfigured Autumn [poem by Georg Trakl]   Translation 9
Elliott, Okla   Trumpets [poem by Georg Trakl]   Translation 9
Ellis, Lyndsey   Variety & Illusion   Short Story 16
Elmendorf, Bob   Grackles   Poem 18
Elson, Thomas   Don’t Want Much   Short Story 18
Elton, Renee   Little Birds   Poem 16
Elyshevitz, Alan   Transcending the Self   Poem 2
Eret, Jim   Go Out with the Music Playing   Poem 7
Erickson, Patrick Theron   Conversation   Poem 16
Estabrook, Michael   Apathy   Poem 14
Estabrook, Michael   Evil Arrives   Poem 13
Estabrook, Michael   Internal Monologue   Poem 17
Estabrook, Michael   Susan   Poem 12
Estabrook, Michael   Time Travel   Poem 12
Estes, John   Don’t Let Yourself Drown   Flash Fiction 12
Eudy, Heather   Categories of Sex   Poem 7
Evans, R. G.   Moon at Day   Poem 16
Ewald, David   Lontananza   Essay 8
Ewald, Johannes   The Evening [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 3
F [Back to Alpha Menu]
F., D.   Have You Ever   Poem 8
Fancher, Alexis Rhone: See Rhone Fancher, Alexis
Fandek, Neal   Vietnam Johnny Meets the Human Barbie   Short Story 7
Fattal, Michal   Sundus Al-Azzeh, Hebron/Al-Khalil, West Bank   Photograph 9
Favio   Like a Clock   Poem 8
Fein, Vern   In a Short While   Poem 17
Fericano, Paul   [In Every Word]   Nonfiction 16
Fienberg, Ori   Highway Fantasy   American Sentence 4
Fincke, Gary   The Flurry   Poem 4
Fincke, Gary   The Odds   Poem 4
Fine-Firesheets, Becky   The Roof   Short Story 8
Fitzsimmons, Kelly Jean   Eye Strengthening and Other Holy Topics   Essay 5
Fixmer, Clyde   A Recipe   Poem 8
Fixmer, Clyde   Minutes   Poem 8
Fixmer, Clyde   Possum   Poem 8
Fixmer, Clyde   Some Notes on Poems from The Year Lived Over & Over   Commentary 8
Fixmer, Clyde   Robert Wrigley’s Beautiful Country   Review 2
Fixmer, Clyde   The God of Dogs   Poem 4
Fixmer, Clyde   The Neophyte   Short Story 3
Fleming, Thomas   That Old Time Religion   Short Story 3
Flynn, John   Neo Malibu Barbie Shares Face Time with Sergeant Rock the Third at La Tazza   Poem 2
Flynn, John   Tree Song   Poem 2
Flynn, John   X Serum of Doctor Memory   Poem 2
Flynn, John Michael   When Did It Get So Creepy?   Short Story 13
Foley, Ruth   Aubade with Blood Moon and Wasted Fruit   Poem 14
Ford, Michael C   State of Grace   Poem 17
Franco, Debra   Childless   Poem 14
Franco, Debra   Elegy to a Husband Not Yet Dead   Poem 14
Franco, Debra   Pain Francais   Poem 14
Fraser, Lisa   Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing [anthology, Ed. Carol Smallwood and Suzann Hollan]   Review 5
Freese, Mathias B.   Sincerely, Max Weber   Short Story 3
Freese, Mathias B.   Soap   Creative Nonfiction 2
Friedman, Jeff   Hole   Prose Poem 17
Frucht, Abby   Erasures   Short Story 2
Fuller, Amanda   [Four Poems]   American Sentences 4
G [Back to Alpha Menu]
G.   Warrior ’n Soldier   Poem 8
G., V. R.   Would It Be So Easy   Poem 8
Gabbert, Sheri   Double Feature   Poem 16
Gaffreau, Elizabeth   Living in the Ben Franklin Block   Short Story 3
Gaglia, Lou   Networking   Short Story 14
Gelman, Rachel   11 Years Ago, Sarah Stands on the Land of the Green Lady   Poem 7
Gelman, Rachel   Blasphemous Rhapsody   Poem 5
Gelman, Rachel   Saturday Morning Rituals   Poem 7
Gelman, Rachel   The Kosher Cobbler   Poem 7
Gelman, Rachel   Things that Smell Good   Poem 7
Germaine, Jana-Lee   The Manicure   Poem 18
Gholson, Christien   March in Denver   Poem 15
Gholson, Christien   Two Poems (“Dead of Night” and “Drought”)   Poetry 18
Giampietro, Frank   Man with World’s Longest Eyebrow Hair Drives His Father to the E.R.   Poem 2
Giampietro, Frank   Poem with Love, Hearts, Moon, Birds, and Soul   Poem 2
Giampietro, Frank   Stink Bug   Poem 2
Giardano, Joseph   It’s My Treat   Short Story 7
Giles, Molly   Where Have All the Old Ladies Gone?   Essay 7
Gillard, Bill   Sheol Farm   Poem 17
Gillcrist, Molly   Another Look   Flash Fiction 14
Gilley, Ted   Virginia   Poem 6
Gilmore, Dan   Consternation   Prose Poem 9
Gilmore, Dan   Destiny   Poem 8
Gilmore, Dan   Good Kitty   Prose Poem 9
Gilmore, Dan   Happiest Black White Man Alive   Flash Fiction 10
Gilmore, Dan   Improvising   Prose Poem 9
Gilmore, Dan   Prayer Wars   Flash Fiction 13
Gilmore, Dan   Telling Your Stories in a Tweeting World: A Guide for the Aging   Poem 8
Gilmore, Dan   The Hyperbolist   Poem 8
Gilmore, Dan   Tunnel of Love   Poem 8
Gilmore, Dan   Visitation   Haibun Story 14
Gloeggler, Tony   A Good Bad Day   Poem 17
Gloss, Molly   Desperado   Essay 1
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang   The Moonlit Night [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 3
Gold, Stephen   A Different Conversation   Poem 16
Goldman, Janlori   Ode to the Apricot Tree on 9th Street, Durango, Colorado   Poem 18
Gover, Robert   One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding: The Evolution of a “Foul, Iniquitous, Atrocious, Horribly Wicked” Best-Seller   Essay 2
Graber, Kathleen   Letter from Cornwall   Poem 1
Graber, Kathleen   No Lightsome Thing   Poem 1
Grabois, Mitchell Krockmalnick   Carnality   Flash Fiction 17
Grabois, Mitchell Krockmalnick   Harsh Chord   Poem 17
Graf, Dr. Stephen   An Oxymoronic Pair: Michael Brodsky on Writing and Publication   Interview 10
Grapes, Jack   Requiem   Poem 7
Green, Phyllis   Lake Jewel   Short Story 9
Gridley, Sam   Al’s Wormhole   Short Story 16
Griswold, John   A Democracy of Ghosts [from the novel]   Fiction 2
Griswold, John   I Didn’t Know   Essay 9
Groak, Stephen J.   Four Times Seven   Flash Fiction 12
Gubnitskaia, Vera   [Three Paintings] (Abstract 1002, Boardwalk, and Standing)   Visual Arts 18
Gunning, Sean   Fireflight   Poem 7
H [Back to Alpha Menu]
Ha, Diana   Age   Poem 18
Haas, Ken   Stateline   Poem 13
Halinen, Jeremy   Siren   Poem 18
Hall, Debbie   Detritus   Poem 6
Hall, Debbie   The Baby Rattler Coiled Between the Bookcases   Poem 16
Hall, Debbie   What We Feared   Poem 6
Hall, Jill G.   I Too Looked for Mr. Goodbar   Poem 7
Hall, J. M.   Seduced by Autumn   Poem 16
Hansmann, Charles   At Least Be Welcome: England 1956   Flash Fiction 14
Hansmann, Charles   Boomerang   Flash Fiction 12
Hanson, Nels   The Day the Sleeping Child Woke   Short Story 4
Harder, Uffe   Seeds [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 7
Harding, William Harry   [A Genuine Treasure]   Nonfiction 12
Harding, William Harry   Introduction from the Publisher of SDPA   Nonfiction 16
Harding, William Harry   Introduction from the Publisher of SDPA   Nonfiction 18
Harmon, P. K.   What Affliction   Poem 6
Harmon, P. K.   What Birth   Poem 6
Harmon, P. K.   What Identity   Poem 6
Harmon, P. K.   What Wave   Poem 6
Harrison, Brady   Robbie   Short Story 5
Hart, Matt   Both Fuck-Up and Flood   Poem 2
Hart, Matt   History Lesson   Poem 2
Hart, Matt   So Sad I Once Felt in a Bucket   Poem 2
Hartung, Susan   Appreciation, After Illness   Poem 3
Hartung, Susan   Calling   Poem 3
Hartung, Susan   Closing Salutations   Poem 7
Hartung, Susan   Complete Obituary   Poem 3
Hartung, Susan   Inclusion   Poem 3
Hartung, Susan   Little Goat   Poem 3
Hashmi, Shadab Zeest   Guantanamo   Poem 8
Hashmi, Shadab Zeest   Iman   Poem 8
Hashmi, Shadab Zeest   In the Piazza   Poem 8
Hashmi, Shadab Zeest   On Poems from Kohl and Chalk   Commentary 8
Haskins, Lola   Two Stick Insects   Ekphrastic Poem 18
Hedrick, Mike   Bike for Sale   Poem 14
Hedrick, Mike   Caffeine Blues   Poem 14
Hedrick, Mike   Dearest   Poem 14
Hedrick, Mike   How Far to Damascus?   Poem 13
Hedrick, Mike   Watching Peggy Sue Got Married Without You   Poem 13
Heitland, Matt   In the Weeds   Poem 13
Heitland, Matt   Southpaws   Poem 13
Heller, Steve   Good Advice   Short Story 4
Heller, Steve   The Elephant Gang   Essay 2
Hemingway, Virginia   Quiet Night   Poem 7
Hendrix, Steven   At the Caffe Trieste, North Beach   Poem 7
Hendrix, Steven   Planting Seeds   Poem 7
Henning, Heidi   Flesh by Bone   Poem 10
Henning, Heidi   Kitchen Creek, 1995   Poem 10
Henning, Heidi   Nothing Quite Like a Cat   Poem 10
Henry, DeWitt   Sweet Dreams: A Family History [excerpt]   Memoir 4
Herriges, Jeremy   Blame Harper Lee, Not Atticus Finch, for the Shortcomings of Go Set a Watchman   Review 13
Hertzler, Terry   Close Enough to Touch   Poem 16
Hertzler, Terry   How Fierce the Sun Was   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   I meant to write a happy poem   Poem 3
Hertzler, Terry   Michael   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   My Mother’s Green Coat   Poem 10
Hertzler, Terry   No-Name Poem   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   On “Michael”   Commentary 4
Hertzler, Terry   Phoenix, September 1977   Poem 10
Hertzler, Terry   The Value of Leisure   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   Tiny Silver Threads   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   Turkey Pot Pie   Poem 3
Hertzler, Terry   Walking Pneumonia   Poem 4
Hertzler, Terry   What Another Vet Said After Hearing Me Read My Vietnam Poetry   American Sentence 4
Hertzler, Terry   Why I’ll Never Understand People Who Claim to Have No Regrets   Poem 10
Hertzler, Terry   Willows   Poem 10
Hettich, Michael   As Children   Poem 3
Hettich, Michael   The Colorblind Man   Poem 3
Hettich, Michael   The Lesson   Poem 3
Hettich, Michael   The Net   Poem 16
Hicok, Bob   Cultural Exchange   Poem 2
Hicok, Bob   Four Star   Poem 2
Hicok, Bob   Mister Me, Mister Useless   Poem 2
Hicok, Bob   The American Dream Circa 2010   Poem 2
Hicok, Bob   The Cannibal Notices Nostalgia Is a Form of Cannibalism   Poem 2
Hilbert, Donna   Dear John Letter to My Uterus   Poem 5
Hilbert, Donna   Deshacer   Poem 3
Hilbert, Donna   Level   Poem 3
Hilbert, Donna   On “Dear John Letter to My Uterus”   Commentary 5
Hilbert, Donna   Trees: A Nook in the Memory Palace   Commentary 3
Hilbert, Donna   Perspective   Poem 3
Hilbert, Donna   The Angel Garmin   Poem 3
Hilbert, Donna   Trees   Poem 3
Hill, Lloyd (aka OB Laureate Lloyd)   Choosing a Future   Poem 15
Hix, H. L.   Calendologium   Poem 1
Hoagland, Tony   As on Earth So in Heaven   Poem 1
Hoagland, Tony   Walking in a Field I Find a Flower Like My Life   Poem 1
Hogan, Susan   The Ping Bridge   Poem 5
Hohner, Matt   You Learn a Friend’s Friend Has Died   Poem 18
Hollins, Tamara   Absence   Poem 12
Hollins, Tamara   The wind shifted, and 19 friends died   Poem 12
Holton, Jackleen: See also Hookway, Jackleen Holton
Holton, Jackleen   Downpour   Poem 4
Holton, Jackleen   How Good Girls Go Bad   Poem 6
Holton, Jackleen   Santa Monica   Poem 4
Holton, Jackleen   She Talks in Our Sleep   Poem 6
Holton, Jackleen   The Birthday Party   Poem 6
Holton, Jackleen   The Keeper   Poem 4
Holton, Jackleen   Walker Creek   Poem 6
Hookway, Jackleen Holton: See also Holton, Jackleen
Hookway, Jackleen Holton   Hymn to the Feet   Poem 13
Hookway, Jackleen Holton   The Poetry Lesson   Poem 12
Hookway, Jackleen Holton   “What’s the Capital of Australia?”   Poem 13
Houston, Lynn Marie   The Book You’re Reading Now Has All Our Names in It   Poem 16
Howe, Robert J.   The Gather Inn   Poem 17
Howlett, Brian   An American Day   Short Story 14
Huinao, Graciela   Luto Infantil [Childhood Grief] [translated by Margaret Towner]   Poem 6
Hunt, Danielle   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Huntington, Barbara Weeks   And You Were Just Some Guy   Poem 6
Hurtgen, Joseph   Americans   Poem 17
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Iredell, Jamie   Playing Hands   Prose Poem 1
Iredell, Jamie   Tumor, the   Prose Poem 1
Ivy, Oriana   Questions for God   Poem 16
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J., Maria   Knowing the Meaning of the Word Kind   Poem 8
Jackson, James Croal   Two Poems (“After the Lancaster Beer Festival” and “Half”)   Poetry 17
James, Peg   Shift Into Kill   Poem 10
Jani, Seth   Garden Wall   Poem 16
Jara, Helene Simkin   19 Surprising Things Men Have Said to Me   Poem 9
Jara, Helene Simkin   Two-Timer   Poem 9
Jara, Helene Simkin   Starving   Poem 9
Jenkins, Arya F.   A Song of Cages   Flash Fiction 10
Jennings, Bud   Trunk Ashes   Memoir 14
Jirsa, Nicholas   A Question Apart   Flash Fiction 10
Johnson, Dolores   6 Foot 7 and to His Belly-Button I Stood   Poem 7
Johnson, Greg   Oiling the Tinman’s Jaws: An Interview with David Memmott   Nonfiction 16
Johnson, Toni Ann   Home   Short Story 17
Jones, Richard   The Leather Flask   Poem 17
Jones, Scott Archer   Who She Wasn’t   Flash Fiction 18
Jones-Davis, Georgia   Flowers Don’t Neither   Poem 16
Jones-Davis, Georgia   Moon Morning   Poem 16
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Kalet, Hank   Crossing   Poem 8
Kalet, Hank   Discards   Poem 8
Kalet, Hank   On Excerpts from As an Alien in a Land of Promise   Commentary 8
Kalet, Hank   Tents   Poem 8
Kane, Katherine   Don’t   Flash Fiction 13
Kanta, Sneha Subramanian   Why No One Writes Anymore of the Moon   Poem 17
Kapp, Christina   Fixer-Upper   Poem 17
Karns, Sean   [Beginnings]   Nonfiction 16
Kayzakian, Arthur   Ode to Peeing in the Streets   Poem 16
Kayzakian, Arthur   The Neanderthal   Poem 15
Keehn, Robin   Avoiding the Sentimental   Poem 6
Kennedy, Thomas E.   A Portrait of a Consciousness Starving to Express Itself: Knut Hamsen’s Hunger   Essay 9
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Anabel Chapman: An Introduction   Essay 6
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Autumn Blues [poem by Dan Turèll]   Translation 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Behind Every Single Window [poem by Dan Turèll]   Translation 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Captain Beefheart: a Bebop-monograph [by Lars Movin]   Translation 5
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Collector [flash fiction by Line-Maria Lång]   Translation 3
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Dan Turèll+Halfdan E Meets Thomas E. Kennedy: AN INTRODUCTION [review by Dennis Otte]   Translation 9
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Devils [poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]   Translation 10
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Doll [flash fiction by Line-Maria Lång]   Translation 7
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Hitler [poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]   Translation 10
Kennedy, Thomas E.   I Am a Slave to the Nudity of Women   Short Story 9
Kennedy, Thomas E.   In Praise of Impurity: On Literary Interviews   Essay 2
Kennedy, Thomas E.   In the Company of Angels [excerpt from the novel]   Fiction 1
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Kiss the Joint [flash fiction by Line-Maria Lång]   Translation 7
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Landing Zone X-Ray   Short Story 8
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Last Walk Through the City [poem by Dan Turèll]   Translation 8
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Maybe Baby [from the novel-in-essays, Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down]   Essay 7
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Midnight Mass [poem by Dan Turèll]   Translation 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Old Dude in the Free State   Essay 2
Kennedy, Thomas E.   “Only for the Moment Am I Saying Nothing”: A Journey to J. P. Donleavy   Interview 18
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Poughkeepsie, 1962   Essay 3
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Power [poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]   Translation 10
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Remembering the Sixties: A Conversation with Robert Gover   Interview 11
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Riding the Dog   CNF 15
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Seeds [poem by Uffe Harder]   Translation 7
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Shop Window Blues [poem by Dan Turèll]   Translation 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The American-Dane and the Danish-American: Dan Turèll and Thomas E. Kennedy [speech by Lars Movin]   Translation 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The Bridges of Bern: On Plotting Fiction   Essay 10
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The Dandelion’s Root [poem by Karsten Bjarnholt]   Translation 10
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The Evening [poem by Johannes Ewald]   Translation 3
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The Month For Me Is April [poem by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson]   Translation 4
Kennedy, Thomas E.   The Moonlit Night [poem by Johann Wolfgang Goethe]   Translation 3
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Translating Dan Turèll’s Poetry   Essay 14
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Two Danish Words in Memory of Thelonious Monk   Essay 6
Kennedy, Thomas E.   What Does God Care About Your Dignity, Victor Travesti?   Short Story 17
Kennedy, Thomas E.   You Don’t Remember Me, But I Remember You: For Janet McDonald (1954-2007)   Essay 4
Kennedy, Thomas E.   Your Relationship Is Going Through Bad Weather [from the novel-in-essays, Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down]   Essay 5
Kenyon, Karen   How to Make a Poem   Poem 16
Keogh, Kathy   Funeral March   Poem 16
Kerbeck, Robert   Adjustment   Short Story 18
Kerbeck, Robert   Re: Connected   Short Story 13
King, Clifton   Kowit Humor   Poem 14
King, Robert S.   Two Poems (“Hearing an Atheist’s Confession” and “How to See the World”)   Poetry 17
Kipnees, Tara   Darwinism   Short Story 10
Klim, Christopher   Reconstructing a Radical Realist   Nonfiction 11
Koenig, Mike   Sleeping Suzy   Short Story 10
Kolodji, Deborah P.   [Three Haiku]   Poems 18
Kona, Prakash   Why Shakespeare Is a Third-World Hero   Essay 13
Kowit, Steve   202 East 7th   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   A Betrayal   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   A Prayer   Poem 14
Kowit, Steve   A Swell Idea   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Crossing the River   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Cutting Our Losses   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Hate Mail   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   If she denies it she is lying   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   It Was Your Song   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Kiss   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Kowit   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Let the flame of my passion   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Lurid Confessions   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Metaphysics   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Mysteries   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Mystique of the Difficult Poem   Essay 5
Kowit, Steve   Out of McHenry   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Passing the Potrero Graveyard   Poem 13
Kowit, Steve   Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers: Conversations with Jewish Critics of Israel, edited by Seth Farber   Review 12
Kowit, Steve   Raymond   Poem 14
Kowit, Steve   Stolen Kisses [+ Kiss]   Essay + Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   The 97,000-Mile-a-Minute Poetry Machine [from Light Years: an Anthology on Sociocultural Happenings (Multimedia in the East Village, 1960-1966), ed. Carol Bergé]   Essay 4
Kowit, Steve   The Black Shoe   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   The Blue Dress   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   The Box-Elder Bug   Poem 14
Kowit, Steve   The Poetry Reading Was a Disaster   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   The Prodigal Son’s Brother   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   The Visit   Poem 14
Kowit, Steve   They Are Looking for Che Guevara   Poem 16
Kowit, Steve   Wanted—Sensuous Woman Who Can Handle 12 Inches of Man   Poem 12
Kowit, Steve   Will Boland & I   Poem 12
Krumbach, Peter   Buttons in the Zoo   Poem 14
Krumbach, Peter   The Greenland Shark   Poem 15
Kuhlken, Ken   Question People Versus Answer People   Micro-Essay 9
Kyte, Breeann   Penitent   Poem 13
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Lababidi, Yahia   I Saw My Face   Poem 8
Lababidi, Yahia   Meditation on Murder   Essay 2
LaFemina, Gerry   Most Days   Poem 1
LaFleche, Ellen   Prayer for Despair   Poem 17
Lagedrost, Jen   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Lane, Rosa   Dear Shakespeare   Poem 18
Lång, Line-Maria   Collector [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Flash Fiction 3
Lång, Line-Maria   Doll [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Flash Fiction 7
Lång, Line-Maria   Kiss the Joint [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Flash Fiction 7
Lappin, Linda   Elizabeth MacDonald’s A House of Cards [short stories]   Review 13
Laudati, Scott   leave me alone   Poem 14
Lautz, Peter J.   Dear Steve   Nonfiction 12
Laux, Dorianne   Coloring Book   Poem 3
Laux, Dorianne   Discord   Poem 3
Laux, Dorianne   First Light   Poem 7
Laux, Dorianne   How to Sleep   Poem 3
Laux, Dorianne   Listening to Paul Simon   Poem 7
Laux, Dorianne   Pentagon Orders Dead Officers to Report for Duty   Poem 3
Laux, Dorianne   San Diego, 1965   Poem 7
Laux, Dorianne   Second Hand Coat   Poem 7
Laux, Dorianne   Timing   Poem 3
Leach, Dan   Simple Economics   Short Story 10
LeBeau, Marcia   Bob   Poem 15
Leconte de Lisle, Charles-René Marie   The Hummingbird [translated by David R. Slavitt]   Poem 7
Leconte de Lisle, Charles-René Marie   The Jaguar’s Dream [translated by David R. Slavitt]   Poem 7
Leconte de Lisle, Charles-René Marie   The Sleep of the Condor 1858 [translated by David R. Slavitt]   Poem 7
Lee, Michael   Writing Through the Night: Stanley Kunitz [with Michael Lee in Greenwich Village, 2005]   Interview 1
Lee, T.K.   Mimic   Poem 14
Lee, Victor Robert   Your Mothers Must Come   Flash Fiction 10
Lehrer, Ruth   Polite Salutation   Poem 14
Leib, Ben   Those Lonely, Lonely Nights   Short Story 9
Lessen-Reiche, Laurie   You Are a Bouquet of Atoms Shimmering   Poem 14
Levinson, Martin H.   Corrections   Poem 13
Levinson, Sylvia   American Kaddish   Poem 16
Levinson, Sylvia   I Atend a Concert   Poem 12
Levinson, Sylvia   My Steve Kowit   Nonfiction 12
Levinson, Sylvia   Packing Steve   Poem 18
Levinson, Sylvia   Sunday Night at Dave’s   Poem 8
Levinson, Sylvia   The Boys of Summer   Poem 5
Levinson, Sylvia   The Newt in the Bathroom   Poem 9
Levinson, Sylvia   Yin and Yang   Poem 5
Levis, Walter B.   Love Conquers All   Short Story 12
Light, Frank   Tora Bora Redux   CNF Essay 10
Light, Frank   Martyrs’ Shrine   Photograph 10
Light, Frank   Neighborhood Watch   Photograph 10
Light, Frank   School with a View   Photograph 10
Lighthart, Annie   Of the Many Things We Are Taught   Poem 13
Lindsay, Nina   Number 11   Poem 13
Lindsay, Nina   Three Ideas About Time   Poem 13
Linett, Deena   At Masada   Poem 2
Lipsitz, Lou   Braille   Poem 9
Lipsitz, Lou   Gregory Corso, 1930-2001   Poem 9
Lipsitz, Lou   Have A ____ Day   Poem 9
Lisicky, Paul   [Modernism:] A Little Murder   Prose Poem 1
Lisicky, Paul   [Modernism:] Speedboat   Prose Poem 1
Lisicky, Paul   [Modernism:] Teardown   Prose Poem 1
Lloyd, OB Laureate (aka Lloyd Hill)   Choosing a Future   Poem 15
Lloyd-Jones, Andrew   Strategies for Living in Uncertain Times   Short Story 13
Locke, Duane   Three Artworks   Visual Arts 17
Lockie, Ellaraine   Contribution to Creativity   Poem 17
Lockward, Diane   For the Love of Avocados   Poem 13
Lockward, Diane   My New Boyfriend Covers Me Like a Floral Scarf   Poem 13
Loiederman, Roberto   Before Me Today   Memoir 15
Loiederman, Roberto   In Da Nang with Dana   CNF 10
Loiederman, Roberto   The Best Place There Is   Short Story 15
Longo, Perie   Ms. R’s Introduction of Visitor to Her Second Grade Class   Poem 4
Longo, Perie   The End   Poem 4
Longworth, Fred   Submittable Takes Over the World   Poem 7
Losee, Wulf   Sipping Whiskey with My Dad   Poem 15
Louis, Diana Farr   Leave-Takings   CNF 13
Lovelady, Bill   Bare ruined choir   Poem 6
Lovelady, Bill   Carnival knowledge   Poem 6
Lowinsky, Naomi Ruth   A Poet Changes Form   Poem 10
Lucy, Sarah   Death of a Friend   Poem 13
Luvaas, Lucinda   Heading West   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, Lucinda   Illumination   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, Lucinda   Metropolis   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, Lucinda   Spin   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, Lucinda   The Great Beyond   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, Lucinda   Trajectory   Visual Arts 14
Luvaas, William   Heat Wave   Short Story 3
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Mabe, Chauncey   Brando Skyhorse and Other Winners of the Literary Awards Season   Review 3
Mabe, Chauncey   Can’t get your masterpiece published? Blame Tony Blair   Essay 1
Mabe, Chauncey   George W. Bush Misunderstimated Memoir   Essay 2
Mabe, Chauncey   iPad’s real message: Resistance is futile   Essay 1
Mabe, Chauncey   Maybe the Good Die Young, but Sometimes the Great Live to Productive Old Age   Essay 3
Mabe, Chauncey   Nabokov Was a Scientific Genius, Too, As It Turns Out   Essay 3
Mabe, Chauncey   Roland Emmerich Does for Shakespeare What He Did for Climate Change   Essay 5
Mabe, Chauncey   Russell Hoban Wrote Books That Blurred the Line Between Fantasy and Literature   Essay 5
Mabe, Chauncey   The Amazing Superiority of Literary Science Fiction [The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection, Ed. Gardner Dozois]   Review 4
Mabe, Chauncey   The Death of the Book Has Been Greatly Exaggerated   Essay 4
Mabe, Chauncey   Vampires everywhere, oh my! What does it mean?   Essay 1
MacQueen, Clare   An Integrated Man   Flash Fiction 3
MacQueen, Clare   Describing the Indescribable [short stories by Thomas F. Sheehan]   Review 10
MacQueen, Clare   Dog Days   Flash Fiction 9
MacQueen, Clare   Erato’s Judgment   Flash Fiction 2
MacQueen, Clare   Our Daily Bread by Lauren B. Davis   Review 5
MacQueen, Clare   Tasting the New   Flash Fiction 1
MacQueen, Clare   Notes on The Ancient of Days [engraving by William Blake]   Commentary 9
MacQueen, Clare   The Fragrance of Levity
[In memory of Kelley Marie Smith, 1980-2011]
  Essay 4
MacQueen, Clare   Tip-of-the-Iceberg Stories: Grant Faulkner’s Fissures: One Hundred 100-Word Stories   Review 13
MacQueen, Clare   “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold” [The Small, Wild Places, tanka by Claire Everett]   Review 15
MacQueen, Clare   “Where the Mind’s Scribbling Ends” [Beneath the Coyote Hills, a novel by William Luvaas]   Review 16
Madison, Tamara   Waiting for the Scythe   Poem 18
Maginnes, Al   Ellipsis   Poem 16
Makofske, Mary   Two Poems (“Bequeathing the Roses” and “Into the Teeth of It”)   Poetry 18
Marcos   The Beginning of the End   Poem 9
Margrave, Clint   Bill of Writes: Life, Liberty, and the Poetics of Authenticity   Essay 6
Margrave, Clint   Two Poems (“In Our Twenties” and “The Role of Art”)   Poetry 17
Marquart, Debra   Even on a Sunday Drive   Poem 18
Marsh-Rebelo, Sarah B.   Untouching   Poem 14
Marshall, Jack   17—   Poem 8
Marshall, Jack   32—   Poem 8
Marshall, Jack   57—   Poem 8
Marshall, Jack   A Gift   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   Aleppo Winter   Poem 14
Marshall, Jack   Etiquette of Defeat   Poem 14
Marshall, Jack   For Steve Kowit   Poem 13
Marshall, Jack   Hapless Ass Pulped Anonymous   Poem 1
Marshall, Jack   Her Flag   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   Hitch-Hiker   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   “Hitler bought off Pius XIII’s Vatican   Poem 3
Marshall, Jack   In the Only World that Matters   Poem 1
Marshall, Jack   Now Past the Age of Active Ambition   Poem 4
Marshall, Jack   On Poems from Spiral Trace   Commentary 8
Marshall, Jack   OUR ZEN   Poem 3
Marshall, Jack   Panthers   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   Requiem for Renee   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   Serious Play   Commentary 5
Marshall, Jack   Setting Out   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   The Feeding Machine   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   The Friends   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   TOTALLED [Portfolio]   Poem 5
Marshall, Jack   TOTALLED [one of three sections from Trace]   Poem 3
Marshall, Jack   Two Poems, Founder’s Choice (“2nd Amendment” and “I have a fear of heights”)   Poetry 17
Martin, Carolyn   I Love You More Than Mariska Hargitay   Poem 13
Martin, Lee   Never Thirteen [excerpt from Such a Life]   Memoir 6
Martin, Seretta   The Beekeeper’s Story   Poem 9
Martin, Tiffany Brooke   Pear-Ripe Memories   Poem 4
Martin, Tiffany Brooke   St. Stephen’s Green Images   Poem 4
Mash, Roy   Desire for Retirement   Poem 7
Mash, Roy   Synopsis   Poem 8
Mash, Roy   The Formalist Flattered   Poem 8
McCabe, David S.   The Death of Chato [from the novel, Without Sin]   Short Story 6
McDaris, Catfish   Two Poems (“A Tornado of Trouble” and “Ghost”)   Poetry 17
McGookey, Kathleen   Paid   Poem 4
McGuigan, Mary Ann   The Snow Fort   Short Story 18
McLane, Michael   On Being and Maintaining the Ephemeral: Lance Olsen’s Theories of Forgetting   Review 9
McLean, Roisin   Dying to Dream   Flash Fiction 8
McLean, Roisin   Fisher of Herms   Short Story 10
McLean, Roisin   Fitted Blouse—Silk   Short Story 5
McLean, Roisin   Piercings   Short Story 16
McLean, Roisin   The “Sandie Five”   Creative Nonfiction 9
McLean, Roisin   The Threshold of Things Lost   Short Story 17
McLean, Roisin   White Chin Hair and a Lonely Female Cardinal   Essay 7
Melekian, Victoria   Shooting Star   Poem 8
Memmott, David   Armageddon on Monday Night Football   Flash Fiction 6
Memmott, David   Digital Paintings: Numbers 191, 199, 220, 233, 246, 247, & 289   Visual Arts 16
Memmott, David   Dreaming Back the Wild   Poem 16
Memmott, David   Netting the Nimble Rabbit: The Banning of Steve Martin’s Play, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” in Our Town   Essay 3
Memmott, David   Unheard Concert, or Dead Rock Stars Return on a Ghost Plane   Flash Fiction 6
Menebroker, Ann   Chaplin, Harold Lloyd & Albert Einstein   Poem 7
Menebroker, Ann   I Will Put in Your Mouth the Words of the Ancients   Poem 7
Menebroker, Ann   When the Light Fails   Poem 7
Mesce, Bill Jr.   A Life Reflected in Art; the Art Reflected in a Life:
Kier-La Janisse and House of Psychotic Women
  Interview 13
Meyerhofer, Michael   Westbound Elegy   Poem 16
Millar, Joseph   Fire   Poem 3
Millar, Joseph   Leaving Coos County   Poem 3
Millar, Joseph   The Dutch Roll   Poem 3
Miller, Carolyn   New Lines for Fortune Cookies   Poem 6
Miller, Carolyn   Reckless Polka   Poem 18
Miller, Carolyn   Sometimes Pie   Poem 18
Miller, Carolyn   Swimming   Poem 6
Miller, Carolyn   Swimming with Marilyn   Commentary 6
Miller, Joyce   Carriers   Poem 16
Milosch, Joseph   If Nothing Else   Poem 16
Miner, Valerie   Cocktails   Short Story 3
Miner, Valerie   The Fall   Flash Fiction 5
Miner, Valerie   The Fall   Flash Fiction 2
Mitchell, Liz   Dissolve   Flash Fiction 16
Mohr, Bill   Steve Kowit (1938-2015)   Nonfiction 12
Mohr, Bill   Steve Kowit Post-Script: Walt Whitman’s Butterfly   Nonfiction 12
Mood, Stephanie   Death Valley, California   Poem 7
Mood, Stephanie   Elementary   Poem 7
Mood, Stephanie   On the Poems in California Poems: Gold in Them Hills   Commentary 7
Mood, Stephanie   Promise   Poem 7
Mood, Stephanie   The Accident   Short Story 2
Moore, Joy   A Dream Without Faces   Prose Poem 14
Moore, Joy   In the Shade of White Fire   Poem 14
Moore, Joy   The Piano   Poem 14
Moore, Joy   The Sleepwalkers   Poem 14
Mora, Lisa Marguerite   How the Moon Came Roaring   Poem 17
Moramarco, Fred   Address Book   Poem 5
Moramarco, Fred   Elegy for Kenneth Koch   Poem 5
Moramarco, Fred   Sonnets vs. Trees   Poem 7
Moramarco, Fred   The Day Lady Died, Lady Died   Poem 5
Moramarco, Fred   The Wonderful Unfathomable Dance   Poem 5
Moramarco, Fred   Things Left Behind   Poem 5
Morefield, Laura Jeanne   I Invented Body Surfing   Poem 7
Moreno, Jim   [An Anecdote about Steve Kowit]   Nonfiction 14
Moreno, Jim   Emergency Kiss   Poem 8
Moreno, Jim   Existential Freedom Pens   Poem 8
Moreno, Jim   On Poems from Juvenile Hall, San Diego   Commentary 8
Morin, L. J.   From Shunga   Poem 8
Morin, L. J.   Sonnet for the Lizards   Poem 8
Morris, Amanda   Fishing for Truth   CNF 13
Morton, Dennis   On Poems from Juvenile Detention Center, Santa Cruz   Commentary 8
Moses, Jill   A Teacher’s Lament on Spring   Poem 7
Moses, Jill   Richmond Avenue   Poem 7
Movin, Lars   Captain Beefheart: a Bebop-monograph [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Biography 5
Movin, Lars   The American-Dane and the Danish-American: Dan Turèll and Thomas E. Kennedy [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Speech 14
Mujica, Barbara   The Call   Short Story 10
Mulkey, Rick   Betrayal   Poem 1
Mulkey, Rick   Cheerleaders   Poem 15
Mulkey, Rick   Gender Studies: How Men Fail at Small Talk   Poem 15
Mulkey, Rick   Gestation   Poem 15
Mulkey, Rick   Midlothian   Poem 1
Mulkey, Rick   Panther   Poem 15
Mundell, Lynn   Past Life   Flash Fiction 14
Murphy, Ali   Dig In   Poem 4
Murphy, Ali   Garage Sale   Poem 4
Murray, Gloria G.   Letter to a Deceased Husband   Flash Fiction 15
Myers, Jed   The Temperature   Poem 15
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Najarian, Peter   [3 Untitled Life Studies]   Paintings 9
Najarian, Peter   Autumn 1960   Memoir 7
Najarian, Peter   Gatz [sketch of novelist William Hjortsberg]   Drawing 9
Najarian, Peter   Greenwich Village   Memoir 5
Najarian, Peter   Life Study 2012   Painting 7
Najarian, Peter   Life Study in Acrylic, 1992   Painting 7
Najarian, Peter   Life Study in Acrylic on Paper, ca. 2000   Painting 5
Najarian, Peter   [Najarian with oil painting of horse]   Photograph 9
Najarian, Peter   [Najarian with self-portrait]   Photograph 7
Najarian, Peter   Nineteen Eighty-One and Eighty-Two   Memoir 6
Najarian, Peter   Painting the Model   Commentary 9
Najarian, Peter   The Author as a Child with his Father   Painting 5
Najarian, Peter   The Minor Third   Memoir 5
Najarian, Peter   Three Sculptures   Painting 6
Natal, Jim   How Fitting [haibun]   Poetry 17
Navicky, Jefferson   Teaching at Night   Prose Poem 13
Neal, Linda   Plums, Maybe Plums   Poem 17
Nedelman, Deborah   The Balance   Short Story 4
Neuberg, Karen   The Girl Who Wanted to Go Fast   Poem 13
Newcomer, Beth Escott   Mrs. Larson’s Expression   Short Story 15
Nichols, Kenneth   The Doors You Mark Are Your Own by Aleksandr Tuvim (“translated” by Okla Elliott and Raul Clement) [novel]   Review 13
Nichols Hynum, Una   First Christmas Without You   Poem 16
Nicholson, David   Carolina Is Dancing   Flash Fiction 13
Nieman, Michael   Why I Never Got to Write It Down   Poem 6
Nissley, Jennifer   The Encounter   Short Story 4
Nodopaka, Alex   [Digital Art + Manifesto:] Art for the 21st Century   Commentary 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Crow   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Dove   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Extracting the Truth   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Fist Fight I   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Guitar Player by Picasso   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Alex   Killing the Dragon   Digital Art 8
Nodopaka, Gerri   Are You Lonesome Tonight?   Photograph 8
North, Barry   Collateral Damage   Poem 9
North, Barry   Fool   Poem 8
North, Barry   Nightmare   Poem 5
North, Barry   The First Time   Poem 6
North, Barry   Watch What You Ask For   Poem 5
North, Barry   Who Will Come to Save Me Now?   Poem 7
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O’Connell, Suzanne   My Old Pocketbook   Poem 16
O’Connell, Suzanne   One in a Million   Poem 9
O’Connell, Suzanne   The Bears   Poem 9
O’Connell, Suzanne   The Big Winner   Poem 9
O’Connor, Mary   Cut and Save   Poem 18
Odishoo, Sarah A.   Women’s Sentencing   Essay 12
Oleson, Lee   Sylvia   Short Story 12
Oliver, Jake   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Olsen, Lance   Calendar of Regrets [from the novel]   Fiction 1
Olsen, Lance   Theories of Forgetting: A Novel After Robert Smithson [excerpt]   Fiction 9
O’Sullivan Schleith, Robt   Song for a Year that Was   Poem 16
Otte, Dennis   Dan Turèll+Halfdan E Meets Thomas E. Kennedy: AN INTRODUCTION [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Review 9
P [Back to Alpha Menu]
Parker, Suzanne   Complications   Poem 1
Parker, Suzanne   The Rug Merchants   Poem 1
Paris   Scarred   Poem 8
Parks, Robin   The Bleeding Eye   Essay 3
Parshall, Nancy   Three Photographs (Artsy Shadows, Eclipse in a Puddle, and [Purple Shadows])   Visual Arts 17
Paulsell, Stephanie   Annunciation   CNF Essay 10
pax, venus   Hitchhiking Hyperspace Hiccups   Poem 5
pax, venus   Recipe for Revenge   Poem 5
pax, venus   Self Portrait   Visual Art 5
pax, venus   Two Haiku [tribute to Steve Kowit]   Poetry 17
Pearl, Sherman   Don’t Choose Me   Prose Poem 16
Pepper, Laurie   ART: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman   Memoir 12
Perchik, Simon   [Bowl]   Poetry 18
Perchik, Simon   Four Poems   Poetry 17
Perez, Andrew   Steve Kowit (1938-2015): Brilliant Poet Was Revered Professor   Nonfiction 13
Peri, Cece   Who Says Bodhisattvas Can’t Have Fun?   Poem 18
Perkins II, Richard King   Jessica’s First Birthday   Poem 13
Perkins II, Richard King   Potted Cyclamen   Poem 15
Perry, Penny   In Their Corners   Poem 6
Perry, Penny   McCarthy on the Radio   Poem 6
Perry, Penny   On the Poems in Santa Monica Disposal & Salvage   Commentary 6
Peterson, Robert   From the Crooked Timber: a novella & stories [Okla Elliott’s debut collection of fiction]   Review 5
Pinajian, Arthur   [Untitled Life Study]   Painting 9
Plotkin, Michael   A Crow Makes Me Think   Flash Fiction 13
Plotnick, Tamra   When the Moon Loses Five Hundred Degrees   Poem 15
Potos, Andrea   Abundance to Share with the Birds   Poem 9
Potos, Andrea   For My Friend Who Called Me Fuddy Duddy   Poem 6
Potos, Andrea   It Happens in Italy   Poem 6
Potos, Andrea   When People Ask Me: How Can a Poet Like Football?   Poem 9
Poussin, Fabrice B.   Clarity   Photograph 16
Poussin, Fabrice B.   To J.P. [#2]   Photograph 16
Pratley, J. N.   Figs   Short Story 15
Praytor, Laura   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Press, Alan   My Amazing High School 50th Graduation Anniversary Reunion   Essay 9
Pryputniewicz, Tania   Moscow Road   Poem 18
Pugh, Hank   Back With Glorian   Flash Fiction 3
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R [Back to Alpha Menu]
Raabe, Burton   Bug Splat   Poem 7
Raabe, Burton   Marine Suicide in Downstate Illinois   Poem 7
Raabe, Burton   Sacrifice Must be Made   Poem 7
Ramirez, Eduardo   Respire   Poem 8
Ramirez, Eduardo   Things I Like   Poem 8
Ramirez, Eduardo   Welcome to Hell   Essay 8
Randolph, Sean T.   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Raphael, Lennox   Inner Walking with a Danish Writer: On Jens Olav Magnussen   Essay 6
Raphael, Lennox   Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer   Nonfiction 11
Raphael, Lennox   Sex, Haiti & Pure Writing   Essay 1
Raphael, Lennox   The Pure Products of Pure Writing Go Crazy   Essay 2
Rapoza, Kenneth   Almost Home   Short Story 3
Rasmussen, Lars   Fighting Toads   Short Story 6
Rasmussen, Lars   King’s Claim   Poem 1
Rasmussen, Lars   We Are an Egg   Poem 1
Ravindra, Rudy   Mother-in-Law   Short Story 10
Reeves, Judy   Skin   Poem 9
Reeves, Judy   The Geography of Home   Prose Poem 9
Reeves, Judy   This is How Lonesome Feels   Poem 9
Reiss, Richard   Desperate Love: A Father’s Memoir [excerpt]   Memoir 4
Rettger, Sarah   Eduardo Santiago: Author of Midnight Rumba   Interview 10
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   [4+4: Poems & Photographs]   Poetry; Visual Art 18
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   An Intro Note [from our Guest Poetry Editor]   Nonfiction 17
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   College Roommates   Poem 12
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   Dos Gardenias   Poem 12
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   Every Day Is Mother’s Day   Poem 16
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   [Featured Author for SHJ:18]   Poetry; Visual Art 18
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   Handy   Poem 12
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   How I Lost My Virginity to Michael Cohen   Poem 12
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   I Want Louboudin Heels   Poem 10
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   June Fairchild isn’t dead—   Poem 16
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   Roman Holiday   Poem 16
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   The Narcissist’s Confession   Poem 12
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   Walk All Over You   Poem 10
Rhone Fancher, Alexis   White Flag   Prose Poem 12
Riese, Lynda   His First Day in Heaven   Poem 12
Riese, Lynda   In August   Poem 10
Riese, Lynda   Like Wings   Poem 12
Riese, Lynda   The Pruning   Poem 9
Rifenburgh, Daniel   [Death Shall Be No More]   Nonfiction 16
Robert   My Life   Poem 8
Robbins, Doren   Against Angels   Poem 6
Robbins, Doren   On “Against Angels”   Commentary 6
Robinson, Ann   In a Bolinas Pasture   Poem 9
Rockwell, Susanne   Asian Pear   Painting 5
Rockwell, Susanne   Fig Tree   Painting 5
Rockwell, Susanne   Poppies   Painting 5
Rockwell, Susanne   Shoes   Painting 5
Rockwell, Susanne   The Storm   Painting 5
Rockwell, Susanne   The Torso   Painting 5
Rodenberger, Adam “Bucho”   Leonard & Marj   Short Story 13
Rodenberger, Adam “Bucho”   The Department   Short Story 9
Rodoni, Erin   Diagnosis   Poem 5
Rogers, Michael   Fabrics   Poem 13
Rogers, Michael   Fireworks on the 15th of June   Poem 13
Rogers, Michael   Love and Marriage   Poem 13
Roiphe, Steven   Never Been Tested   Short Story 14
Rose, Rae   A Moth Dies at a Bed & Breakfast   Poem 8
Rose, Rae   She’d Wash the Parsley   Poem 8
Ross, J. Paul   Ye Who Enter Here   Short Story 15
Rosso, Lisa del   6/9–9/11   Essay 10
Rotholz Teitelman, Sivan   [This Incomparable Human]   Nonfiction 16
Rouse, Sandra   Sisters   Short Story 2
Rubel, Sherry   [Tent City Project, 1 thru 5]   Photographs 8
Rycraft, R. A.   A Vision of Neon [memoir by Angela M. Graziano]   Review 6
Rycraft, R. A.   Don’t Laugh at My Poetry!   Nonfiction 12
Rycraft, R. A.   Ten Ways to Look at Boob Jobs   Essay 7
Rycraft, R. A.   The Girl With Red Hair: Musings on a Theme   Review 3
Rycraft, R. A.   What We Choose to Remember   Review 3
Rycraft, R. A.   Writers and Their Notebooks   Review 3
Rumi, Jalal al-din   Ode 1390 from “The Book of Shams”   Poem 9
Russell, Sarah F.   Portait of Yahia Lababidi   Painting 8
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S.   If I Had My Way   Poem 8
Salisbury, Ron   A Tribute   Nonfiction 12
Salisbury, Ron   A Walk With Chet   Poem 4
Salisbury, Ron   Chasing   Poem 4
Salisbury, Ron   Cosmology   Poem 18
Salisbury, Ron   Entre Chien et Loup   Poem 9
Salisbury, Ron   Gloria   Poem 7
Salisbury, Ron   Hearing Aids   Poem 6
Salisbury, Ron   Not the First   Poem 9
Salisbury, Ron   Severance Pay   Poem 9
Salisbury, Ron   The Gate   Poem 16
Salzberg, Charles   Honoring Derek Alger   Nonfiction 10
Sanders, Arlene   Midnight Rumba [a novel by Eduardo Santiago]   Review 10
Santiago, Eduardo   Havana, 1957 [excerpt from Midnight Rumba]   Fiction 10
Saunders, Cliff   Bed of Victories   Poem 17
Savren, Shelley   Between Us   Poem 5
Savren, Shelley   Losing You to AIDS   Poem 4
Savren, Shelley   Purple Irises   Poem 4
Savren, Shelley   The Court School   Poem 4
Schleith, Robt O’Sullivan   See O’Sullivan Schleith, Robt
Schultz, Katey   The Quiet Kind [from Flashes of War: Short Stories]   Short Story 8
Schwartz, Marla   An Interview with Author Jeff Lindsay, The Man Behind Showtime’s #1 Series, Dexter   Interview 2
Schwartz, Marla   Chris Bohjalian   Interview 3
Schwartz, Marla   Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson on Tour, Delighting Little Pirates and Everyone Else Too!   Interview 2
Scozzari, Frank   Kill Me with Chocolate   Short Story 7
Sefton, Meg   Mary Wollstonecraft at the Kitty Cat   Short Story 7
Segal, Lisa   Two Poems (“If a Song’s” and “What Lola Wants”)   Poetry 17
Seltzer, Sarah   A Catch   Short Story 12
Sethi, Sanjeev   Movement   Poem 16
Sevick, Leona   Johns Hopkins Hospital, at the Corner of Orleans and N. Broadway   Poem 18
Shaddock, David   Female Desire   Poem 10
Shaddock, David   Station   Poem 10
Shaddock, David   Tradeoff   Poem 10
Shaddock, David   Vernal Pool   Poem 10
Shaffer, Tamara   At Death’s Door   Short Story 10
Shaffer, Tamara   The End of the World   Short Story 8
Sharp, Bruce   There, But for the Grace of Fate [The Eagle Mutiny, nonfiction by Richard Linnett and Roberto Loiederman]   Review 15
Sheehan, Tom   Last Call for a Loner   Short Story 3
Sheehan, Tom   Mourning for the Last Day   Short Story 14
Sheehan, Tom   Sacrifice Fly   Short Story 15
Sheehan, Tom   Salvatore Giambaressi, Numbers Runner, Reader   Short Story 7
Sheehan, Tom   The Old Man in the Garden of Long Shadows   Short Story 4
Sheehan, Tom   The Old Man of the River   Short Story 8
Sheehan, Tom   The Side Arts of Blindness   Short Story 16
Sheehan, Tom   To Athens from Third Base   Short Story 13
Sheppard, Cindy   [Blue Ridge Mountains]   Photograph 8
Sheppard, Cindy   Box Canyon with Waterfall   Photograph 6
Sheppard, Cindy   [Fall on the Cape Fear River]   Photograph 8
Sheppard, Cindy   [Mountain Stream, Blowing Rock]   Photograph 8
Sheppard, Cindy   Red Wall Cavern   Photograph 6
Sheppard, Cindy   Stairway to Heaven   Photograph 6
Sherman, Beth   Noises   Flash Fiction 15
Shipley, Vivian   August 21 2017, The Solar Eclipse, College of Charleston, SC   Poem 18
Shipley, Vivian   Cargo   Poem 18
Shipley, Vivian   Grabbling for Catfish in Cumberland Lake, Kentucky   Poem 16
Shipley, Vivian   Open, Sesame   Poem 18
Sideris, Hilary   Alec   Poem 13
Sideris, Hilary   Boomer4U   Poem 13
Sideris, Hilary   Freed   Poem 13
Sideris, Hilary   NeedaLawyerNYC   Poem 13
Sigriddaughter, Beate   Emily’s Letter to Her Husband’s Lover   Poem 18
Sigriddaughter, Beate   Neruda’s Mermaid   Poem 17
Simkin, Diane   Lilly   Short Story 10
Simpson, Catherine   Drunk Guy   Poem 7
Sindell, Jon   Snickers’ Doodles   Flash Fiction 14
Slavitt, David R.   The Hummingbird [poem by Charles-René Marie Leconte de Lisle]   Translation 7
Slavitt, David R.   The Jaguar’s Dream [poem by Charles-René Marie Leconte de Lisle]   Translation 7
Slavitt, David R.   The Sleep of the Condor 1858 [poem by Charles-René Marie Leconte de Lisle]   Translation 7
Smallwood, Carol   A Late Summer Diary   Essay 5
Smallwood, Carol   and then there were three… [memoir by Supriya Bhatnagar]   Review 4
Smallwood, Carol   Interview With Carolyn Howard-Johnson   Interview 18
Šmidl, Per   All Living Things Great and Small [from the novel, Wagon 57 Christiania]   Fiction 8
Smith, Claude Clayton   John Lennon’s Beetles   CNF Essay 10
Smith, Colin   Everyone Has Something to Say   Poem 3
Smith, Ian C.   He unstraps his leg, works on the head   Poem 16
Smith, Joan Jobe   Hollow Cost   Poem 7
Smith, Joan Jobe   What I Learned from the Movies   Poem 7
Smith, Joann   Taking Notes   Short Story 8
Smith, Kelley M.   [Portrait of Spaniel]   Drawing 9
Smith, Kelley M.   Untitled [Mask] [watercolor]   Illustration 9
Smith, Larry   Her Memoir   Short Story 18
Solloway, Michael   Introducing Mother Nature   Memoir 7
Spohn, Terry   The World   Poem 14
Stanizzi, John L.   Want More   Poem 15
Stark, Jane   My Edematous Heart   Short Story 15
Steinhagen, Jon   Tour of Nothing   Short Story 8
Stewart, R.S.   Car and Road   Poem 14
Stewart, Scott   [One Poem]   American Sentence 4
Stone, Miranda   Perfect Aim   Flash Fiction 10
Stout, Robert Joe   Break Up   Poem 16
Stout, Robert Joe   Two A.M.   Poem 16
Stromberg, Karen   Inheritance   Poem 13
Stromberg, Karen   Our Birth Mother   Poem 13
Sturm, Lisa A.   The Plague of Gingy   Short Story 9
Sullivan, David Allen   Walking the Eight Verses Trail at the Land of the Medicine Buddha   Poem 18
Swan, Gladys   Momentum   Painting 4
Swan, Gladys   Untitled   Painting 6
Sweeney, Chad   Detroit   Poem 2
Sweeney, Chad   Eros   Poem 2
Sweeney, Chad   Follow Me I Know a Shortcut   Poem 2
Sweeney, Chad   The Audi and Its Driver   Prose Poem 2
Szelag, Sandra   A Brief Glimpse into the Nocturnal Life of a Woman Way Past Menopause   Poem 8
Szelag, Sandra   What Does This Woman Want?   Poem 8
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T., C.   Our Hands   Poem 8
Takahara, Mel   Leelah   Poem 18
Talbird, John   Watching   Poem 16
Taylor, Ed   Golden Hour   Short Story 13
Taylor, Greg   Wolf   Short Story 4
Taylor, Marilyn L.   In Hubble’s Shadow by Carol Smallwood [Poems]   Review 17
Tekulve, Susan   The Soul of Place: A Creative Writing Workbook: Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci, by Linda Lappin   Review 13
Tekulve, Susan   The Stranger Room   Short Story 1
Thomas, G. Murray   The Moral of This Story Is   Poem 8
Torgersen, Eric   Gaga’s Left Arm   Essay 15
Towner, Margaret   Border Crossing   Poem 6
Towner, Margaret   Childhood Grief [Luto Infantil] [poem by Graciela Huinao]   Translation 6
Towner, Margaret   How to Achieve Wetback Status   Poem 6
Towner, Margaret   Third Grade Writing Assignment   Poem 6
Trakl, Georg   Transfigured Autumn [translated by Okla Elliott]   Poem 9
Trakl, Georg   Trumpets [translated by Okla Elliott]   Poem 9
Tramonte, Barbara   Night in the Gazebo   Poem 14
Tramonte, Barbara   Ray Charles   Poem 14
Tramonte, Barbara   The Tyrannical Mind   Poem 14
Turèll, Dan   Autumn Blues [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 14
Turèll, Dan   Behind Every Single Window [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 14
Turèll, Dan   Last Walk Through the City [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 8
Turèll, Dan   Midnight Mass [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 14
Turèll, Dan   Shop Window Blues [translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]   Poem 14
Turner, Brian   The Lean of the Body into the Banking Turn   Poem 2
Turner, Brian   Time Life   Poem 2
Turner, Brian   Trajectories (in Red)   Poem 2
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Ulibarri, Sarena   Brain Child   Flash Fiction 8
V [Back to Alpha Menu]
Valdivia, Ciera   Welcome to the Living Vision   Poem 16
Van Hook, Eileen   Birdie   Poem 16
Van Hook, Eileen   Caution   Poem 16
Van Hook, Eileen   Leaving Home   Poem 16
Van Hook, Eileen   Lunatic   Poem 14
Van Witsen, Tony   Nowhere to Go But Up   Short Story 16
Van Witsen, Tony   The Moment Before the Downbeat   Short Story 4
Vered, Megan   The $10,000 Offer   Essay 12
Voss, Fred   2011 Years Hanging on the Cross   Poem 7
Voss, Fred   No Belt Sander to Smooth Their Souls   Poem 7
W [Back to Alpha Menu]
Wafer, Marg   Pocket Poem   Poem 10
Waldron, Timmy   All My Lovers Were Liars, Too   Short Story 7
Walt, Jeff   After a Fight   Poem 10
Walt, Jeff   Birthday   Poem 10
Walt, Jeff   In the Bathroom Mirror this Morning   Poem 12
Walt, Jeff   Kitchen Music   Poem 16
Ward, Pam   Why My “T” Sticks   Poem 17
Warren, Abigail   The Little Beauties   Poem 9
Watsky, Paul   If I Were a Real   Poem 15
Watson, Andrea   Serenity of If   Poem 2
Weaver, Gordon   Hamlet’s Advice to the Players   Short Story 1
Webb, John   Our Deafness Amuses Their Gentle Souls   Poem 8
Wedmore, Suellen   The Keeper of Lime Rock Light   Poem 8
Weinberger, Florence   Picasso’s Four Bulls   Poem 17
Weingart, Arne   A Death on Facebook   Poem 16
Weiss, Leah   A Thimble for a Lifeline   Flash Fiction 5
Weiss, Leah   Crossing the Line   Short Story 5
Weiss, Leah   Unmentionables   Short Story 5
Welsh, Patrick Vincent   Made in China   Flash Fiction 7
What, Leslie   Bajeuler   Flash Fiction 5
What, Leslie   Dog Eat Dog   Flash Fiction 1
What, Leslie   Milkweed   Flash Fiction 2
What, Leslie   Old Baby   Flash Fiction 4
What, Leslie   Three Sisters Have We in Our House   Essay 7
What, Leslie   Why I Wash the Dead   CNF 16
Whittemore, Amy   Ode to Avocado   Poem 18
Wickes, Helen   I’d Have Liked Some Dinner   Poem 9
Wideman, John Edgar   Witness   Flash Fiction 9
Wilmont, Barry Lereng   Dan Turèll Stentryk, 001–004   Lithographs 8
Wilson, Jenissa   Numbness
  Creative Nonfiction 5
Winch, Terence   Annual Report   Poem 9
Winch, Terence   Brightness, Whiteness, Incandescence   Poem 7
Winch, Terence   Dirt City   Poem 4
Winch, Terence   How I Lost My Virginity   Poem 7
Winch, Terence   Mission Statement   Poem 9
Winch, Terence   Parade Theory   Poem 4
Winch, Terence   Session   Poem 4
Winch, Terence   Social Security   Poem 9
Winch, Terence   The Taking   Poem 7
Winters, Paul-Victor   Bonneville   Prose Poem 12
Winters, Paul-Victor   Family Tree   Prose Poem 12
Winters, Paul-Victor   Nightly News   Poem 12
Winters, Paul-Victor   The Taking of a City   Prose Poem 12
Winters, Paul-Victor   You & Me & the Waitress & the Rest of the World   Prose Poem 12
Witte, Francine   Enter Here by Alexis Rhone Fancher [photographs and erotic poems]   Review 18
Wolfson, Laura Esther   The Ski Jacket   CNF Essay 10
Wolverton, Terry   Keep a bullet in your pocket for times like these   Poem 17
Woods, Christopher   Into Light   Photograph 10
Woods, Christopher   The Cow   Micro-Essay 15
Wu, Ying   Metaphors   Poem 16
Wu, Ying Choon   Your Mind Feels Big Today   Poem 15
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Yasmin, Sanjida   no consensus reached   Poem 18
Yates, Ron   Operating Expenses   Short Story 14
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Zable, Jeffrey   Bill   Poem 9
Zable, Jeffrey   Dissertation on the Guillotine   Poem 12
Zable, Jeffrey   Idealistic High School Weekend   Poem 12
Zable, Jeffrey   Mr. Losada   Poem 9
Zola, Jim   [Four Digital Artworks] (Untitled 6760, 6794, 6868, and 6988)   Visual Arts 18
Zola, Jim   The Window   Poem 17
Zola, Jim   Weeping Cherry   Poem 18
Zolynas, Al   A Philosophy of Life   Poem 12
Zolynas, Al   Love in the Classroom   Poem 3
Zolynas, Al   On “Love in the Classroom”   Commentary 3
Zolynas, Al   Under Ideal Conditions   Poem 12
Zolynas, Al   On “Under Ideal Conditions”   Commentary 12


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“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury