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Contents: Issue 18: Spring 2018


Creative Nonfiction, Essays, Memoir

Steve Davenport Big Bill and the Circus Bear
Skip Eisiminger Green Roofs and Goats: Architecture


Featured Artist

Jim Zola [Four Digital Artworks + One Poem]:
Untitled Image 6760
Untitled Image 6794
Untitled Image 6868
Untitled Image 6988
Weeping Cherry


Featured Author

Alexis Rhone Fancher Enter Here
[Photographs and erotic poems]
[4+4: Poems & Photographs]:
“For Kate in Absentia”
San Pedro Sunrise, 14 February 2018
“She Says Stalker/He Says Fan”
Fire Sky Sunrise
San Pedro Sunrise, 24 March 2018
“Sibling Rivalry”
Full Moon Over San Pedro, 7 August 2017


Fiction: Flash (up to 1500 words)

Dick Bentley Health Care
Steve Carr The Shoe Tree Incident
Salvatore Difalco Rapunzel
The Love Police
Scott Archer Jones Who She Wasn’t


Fiction: Short Stories

Walter Cummins Casting Lures
Thomas Elson Don’t Want Much
Robert Kerbeck Adjustment
Mary Ann McGuigan The Snow Fort
Larry Smith Her Memoir



Thomas E. Kennedy “Only for the Moment Am I Saying Nothing”: A Journey to J. P. Donleavy [recently deceased author whose best-known novel is The Ginger Man, initially banned in the 1950s as obscene]
Carol Smallwood Interview With Carolyn Howard-Johnson [author of HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers]


Kowit’s Korner

Clare MacQueen About Kowit’s Korner and
“The Kowit” Poetry Prize
Sylvia Levinson Packing Steve
Carolyn Miller Sometimes Pie

The Steve Kowit Poetry Prize 2017
We deeply appreciate that William Harry Harding (publisher of Garden Oak Press) and the San Diego Entertainment & Arts Guild (SDEAG) have acknowledged the “time and love” that went into Steve Kowit’s work at Serving House Journal. And we are deeply touched that they believe “The Kowit should have a home of sorts” here as well. With kind permissions from Garden Oak Press and the poets, we are honored to reprint the following cash-prize winners and the Honorable Mentions (unranked) from the second annual Steve Kowit Poetry Prize competition. These works were first published in the San Diego Poetry Annual 2017-18 in February 2018.
William Harry Harding Introduction from the Publisher of SDPA
Vivian Shipley Cargo [Grand Prize Winner]
Leona Sevick Johns Hopkins Hospital, at the Corner of Orleans and N. Broadway [Second Place Winner]
David Allen Sullivan Walking the Eight Verses Trail at the Land of the Medicine Buddha [Third Place Winner]
  Honorable Mentions:
Robin Becker Words With Friends
Linda Bryant No One Knows Why
Molly Larson Cook The Pursuit of Happiness
Rachel Guido deVries Tattoo: A Memory
Frankie Drayus Blue Agave
George Drew Camping Out on the Styx
Dick Eiden Eclipse at Wounded Knee, August 21, 2017
James Ellenberger Geometry makes you tender;
Jana-Lee Germaine The Manicure
Janlori Goldman Ode to the Apricot Tree on 9th Street, Durango, Colorado
Diana Ha Age
Jeremy Halinen Siren
Matt Hohner You Learn a Friend’s Friend Has Died
Rosa Lane Dear Shakespeare
Tamara Madison Waiting for the Scythe
Debra Marquart Even on a Sunday Drive
Mary O’Connor Cut and Save
Cece Peri Who Says Bodhisattvas Can’t Have Fun?
Tania Pryputniewicz Moscow Road
Vivian Shipley August 21 2017, The Solar Eclipse, College of Charleston, SC
Open, Sesame


Poems II

Note: Works listed in this section were selected by SHJ editor Clare MacQueen.
Marit Anderson Something About Bob
Bob Elmendorf Grackles
Christien Gholson Two Poems:
Dead of Night
Lola Haskins Two Stick Insects [ekphrastic]
Deborah P. Kolodji [Three Haiku]
Sylvia Levinson See Kowit’s Korner above
Mary Makofske Two Poems:
Bequeathing the Roses
Into the Teeth of It
Carolyn Miller Reckless Polka
See also Kowit’s Korner above
Simon Perchik [Bowl]
Alexis Rhone Fancher See Featured Author above
Ron Salisbury Cosmology
Beate Sigriddaughter Emily’s Letter to Her Husband’s Lover
Mel Takahara Leelah
Amie Whittemore Ode to Avocado
Sanjida Yasmin no consensus reached
Jim Zola See Featured Artist above



Duff Brenna The King of the Underground Writers [A Review of The Best of Bumpus, short stories by Jerry Bumpus]
Francine Witte Enter Here by Alexis Rhone Fancher [photographs and erotic poems]


Visual Arts

Vera Gubnitskaia [Three Paintings]:
Abstract 1002
Alexis Rhone Fancher [Photographs]:
Fire Sky Sunrise
Full Moon Over San Pedro, 7 August 2017
San Pedro Sunrise, 14 February 2018
San Pedro Sunrise, 24 March 2018
Jim Zola [Digital Artworks]:
Untitled Image 6760
Untitled Image 6794
Untitled Image 6868
Untitled Image 6988

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury