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SHJ Issue 7
Fall 2013

Categories of Sex

by Heather Eudy

robe sex 
i’m bored sex 
can’t sleep sex 
it’s been so long so we probably should sex 
you disgust me but i’ll let you anyway sex 
want it so bad cum in two seconds sex 
i’m too drunk sex 
you are a new species i want to discover every inch of sex 
i’rn imagining you’re your best friend sex 
i’m not sure if you’re a man or a woman sex 
don’t know where your body ends and mine begins sex 
woke up and we’re having sex sex 
not awake enough yet to remember i don’t love you anymore sex 
i’m pretending to be your mother sex 
awkward car sex 
cold floor why are we doing it here sex 
condom broke my life is ruined sex 
oh my god i really can feel pleasure sex 
can’t we try something different sex 
i wish i were trained as a gymnast sex 
sore for ten days after sex 
i think we took it too far sex 
the dog is looking at us funny sex 
we’re having so much sex we’re not even eating sex 
uncontrollable tears sex 
roll over with my back to you sex 
bring me to climax without even touching me sex 
i’m convinced we’re in the ocean sex 
this can’t be human sex 
somebody might call the cops sex 
tender sex 
we got a little rough let’s not talk about it sex 
yoga certification sex 
not even one song was over yet sex 
i’d rather be masturbating sex 
mediocre desperate stranger sex 
i wish i felt something sex 
selfish sex 
same old fantasy sex 
i hope you’re too tired to go through with it sex 
let’s just stop it’s not happening tonight sex 
we’re the two sexiest creatures on the planet sex 
hungry sex 
lazy sex 
angry sex 
did i turn off the stove sex 
god i’ve gotten fat sex 
were you always this hairy sex 
our bodies were created for one another sex 
fuck we’re out of condoms sex 
nervous fumbling sex 
this means more to you than it does to me sex 
stop sweating on me sex 
why did i come over sex 
i know it’s over sex 
are you comparing me to your ex sex 
i just made a noise i’ve never heard before sex 
your eyes have gone hollow sex 
i have no idea how our bodies just did that sex 
doing everything we can without actually having sex sex 
i wish i never started this sex 
you can do anything you want to me sex 
frustrated phone sex 
railway car vestibule sex 
filthy club bathroom sex 
still smell you on the drive to work sex 
all night long and I want you more sex 
i see where this is going 



SHJ Issue 7
Spring 2013

Heather Eudy

was born and raised in San Diego County and earned an MFA in poetry from San Diego State University. After completing graduate work, she got a job delivering cars cross country and later made southern Mexico her temporary home. She now teaches writing at Southwestern College and continues to travel widely. Her first book of poetry, Bills of Lading, is included in Lantern Tree: Four Books of Poems (City Works Press, 2012).

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury