Serving House: A Journal of Literary Arts
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Contents: Issue 15: Fall 2016


Creative Nonfiction, Essays, Memoir

T Nicole Cirone Language in Pablo Neruda’s Memoirs
Walter Cummins Creating Identities
Skip Eisiminger Original Skin: Race
Thomas E. Kennedy Riding the Dog
Roberto Loiederman Before Me Today
Eric Torgersen Gaga’s Left Arm
Christopher Woods The Cow


Featured Author

Clare MacQueen William Luvaas: Beneath the Coyote Hills


Featured Retrospective

Clare MacQueen The Eagle Mutiny by Richard Linnett and Roberto Loiederman


Flash Fiction (up to 1500 words)

Amanda Bigler Cardinal
Gloria G. Murray Letter to a Deceased Husband
Beth Sherman Noises



Victor Altshul Dear Emily
Devon Balwit Passing Through
Nan Breedlove Three Poems:
“For A”
“Mother in Kitchen”
M. Doretta Cornell Celery
Caroline Cottom Packing Wings
Christien Gholson March in Denver
Arthur Kayzakian The Neanderthal
Peter Krumbach The Greenland Shark
Marcia LeBeau Bob
OB Laureate Lloyd Choosing a Future
Wulf Losee Sipping Whiskey with My Dad
Rick Mulkey Four Poems:
“Cheerleaders at Forty”
“Gender Studies: How Men Fail at Small Talk”
Jed Myers The Temperature
Richard King Perkins II Potted Cyclamen
Tamra Plotnick When the Moon Loses Five Hundred Degrees
John L. Stanizzi Want More
Paul Watsky If I Were a Real
Ying Choon Wu Your Mind Feels Big Today



Duff Brenna A Visionary’s Visions [Beneath the Coyote Hills, a novel by William Luvaas]
Clare MacQueen “Too Much Perfume for One Heart to Hold” [The Small, Wild Places, a collection of tanka by Claire Everett]
Bruce Sharp There, But for the Grace of Fate [The Eagle Mutiny, nonfiction by Richard Linnett and Roberto Loiederman]


Short Stories

M. M. Adjarian The Secret Life of Holly Golightly
Walter Cummins Celebrities
Roberto Loiederman The Best Place There Is
Beth Escott Newcomer Mrs. Larson’s Expression
J. N. Pratley Figs
J. Paul Ross Ye Who Enter Here
Tom Sheehan Sacrifice Fly
Jane Stark My Edematous Heart


Visual Arts

Robert Bharda “Quanta Smears” [digital images]:
Making Par Fleche
Nudes by a Lakeshore (Homage, Matisse)
People in a Park (Homage, Cezanne)
Sower and Seed (Homage, Van Gogh)
The Kiss

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury