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Visual Arts
SHJ Issue 8
Fall 2013

[Dynamic Art:] Art for the 21st Century

by Alex Nodopaka

Killing the Dragon: Digital Art by Alex Nodopaka Killing the Dragon Extracting the Truth: Digital Art by Alex Nodopaka Extracting the Truth


The advent of the personal computer eliminated the need for canvas and paint brushes and damn near the artist!

Manifesto: April 2013

The vast array of software programs to assist in the development of drawings, sketches, ready-made forms, and architectural and engineering plans has in effect eliminated the need for long-hand execution for most artists, except maybe for sculptors; and even at that, 3-D drawing can translate into direct 3-D sculpting. The desire to paint, no matter how satisfactory the feel of the texture is, is a romantic notion of the past from which it is difficult to distance ourselves. Once the sketch or completed work is achieved with the PC, its reproduction by the numbers on traditional paper or canvas with traditional tools has become superfluous, if not boring, since the final creation is portrayed/demonstrated on the monitor screen!

Crow: Digital Art by Alex Nodopaka Crow   [click image to enlarge]

In conclusion, one must take computer-assisted art as a final portrayal with its attendant benefits of not cluttering our drawers with saved sketches and useless completed drawings and paintings, drying paints and varnishes, canvas stretchers, etc.

Dove: Digital Art by Alex Nodopaka Dove Fist Fight 1: Digital Art by Alex Nodopaka Fist Fight 1

—“Crow” was previously published in Red Fez (2012).

Editor’s Note

“In the process of searching for the new,” Nodopaka says, “I found the old and with a slight touch of the 21st century turned old cubism into novel cubistic-futurism...”

Enjoy much more of his dynamic digital art (the New Cubism?) at Photo Bucket:

Russki Gypsy Photo Album

Please note that these images are not for sale—Nodopaka believes that “Art should be made without sales intention.”


SHJ Issue 8
Fall 2013

“A Short Biopsy” of Alex Nodopaka

Photograph of Alex Nodopaka, by Gerri Nodopaka
“Are You Lonesome Tonight?”
Photograph by Gerri Nodopaka

who originated in Ukraine-Russia in 1940, and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Casablanca, Morocco:

As a full-time author and artist in the USA, Nodopaka’s interests in the visual arts and literature are widely multi-cultural. However, he considers his past irrelevant as he “seeks new reincarnations in independent films if only for the duration of a wink... ok, ok, maybe two!”

He is the Art Editor at, and has portfolios at these websites:

Fine Art America
Absolute Arts

—Image at right first published in Blink Ink (2012)

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury