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SHJ Issue 5
Spring 2012

[Two Poems + Self-Portrait]

venus pax

Hitchhiking Hyperspace Hiccups

I want to pull the top of my hair up
like a carrot out of the ground!
to detach my head,
from the weight of the world
below, rooted, in dirt
where worms aspire after a fresh rain.

My orange rocket ship
shoots for the garden galaxy
above, where all vegetables are in orbit
one infinite space of tossed salad
shooting carrot, that’s Me!

Determined to flee my captive terra
not wanting to plant roots anywhere
No Earth or other solar system but
One with space vegetables!
space ponging, vegging out

To squash my appeal for raw truth,
naked as a vegetable, I seek to
shrivel in the sun’s shining temperament
and wash away the filth of my earthy inheritance,
dusted, reaped, sowed, consumed

Oh, my space head!!

Of lettuce
and free cucumbers
Don’t weed through me 
like a library of fruit!
I am free falling
Free spirited
Free lovin’
Free truckin’
Free ballin’
Free Free Free, Free without purchase
Unrooted vegetable!

Come, join this Garden of Eden
and take a nice Big Chomp
out of my backside into
instant collective consciousness
Don’t you carrot all? about
free peelin’ through space?


Recipe for Revenge

1/2 a heart
4 flutters of my lashes
three pints of blood, his
one middle phalange
one stick of fabulous lip gloss
5 scratches from fingernails
2 cups of wine
one tablespoon of my sweat
one hard cock, not his


End Bug Issue 5

venus pax

self-portrait of venus pax
self portrait

has spent much of her life discovering pearls to add to the collection around her neck. poetry is about ripping off that strand of gems and chasing each one as they gleefully bounce across the floor! she enjoys the vastness of the ocean and the wind in her hair living by the sea.

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury