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Contents: Issue 2: Fall 2010


Essays and CNF

Duff Brenna George Orwell & Language Control
T. Nicole Cirone Old School Bush
Mathias B. Freese Soap
Robert Gover One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding: The Evolution of a “Foul, Iniquitous, Atrocious, Horribly Wicked” Best-Seller
Steve Heller The Elephant Gang
Thomas E. Kennedy Old Dude in the Free State
Yahia Lababidi Meditation on Murder
Chauncey Mabe George W. Bush Misunderstimated Memoir
Lennox Raphael The Pure Products of Pure Writing Go Crazy


Featured Author

John Griswold A Democracy of Ghosts
[Excerpt + Reviews]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Fall 2010:

Derek Alger [An Interview of] Walter Cummins [2008]
Derek Alger [An Interview of] Mathias B. Freese [2008]
Michael Aloisi [An Interview of] Thomas E. Kennedy [2010]
Oronte Churm What Duff Brenna Knows [2010]
Adam Elenbaas What Men Want: An Interview with Laura McCullough [2007]
Thomas E. Kennedy In Praise of Impurity: On Literary Interviews
James May The Limitations Love Makes: An Interview with Laura McCullough


Featured Poet

Steve Kowit Lurid Confessions
[New edition now available]


Featured Sites

List for Fall 2010: Contemporary World Literature

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol


Flash Fiction

Clare MacQueen Erato’s Judgment
Valerie Miner The Fall
Leslie What Milkweed



Derek Alger Interviewing Terese Svoboda
Marla E. Schwartz An Interview with Author Jeff Lindsay, The Man Behind Showtime’s #1 Series, Dexter
Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson on Tour, Delighting Little Pirates and Everyone Else Too!



Flower Conroy Sexy Neck Blushing
Anthony DiMatteo Beautiful
Alan Elyshevitz Transcending the Self
John Flynn Neo Malibu Barbie Shares Face Time with Sergeant Rock the Third at La Tazza
X Serum of Doctor Memory
Tree Song
Frank Giampietro Stink Bug
Poem with Love, Hearts, Moon, Birds, and Soul
Man with World’s Longest Eyebrow Hair Drives His Father to the E.R.
Matt Hart So Sad I Once Felt in a Bucket
Both Fuck-Up and Flood
History Lesson
Bob Hicok The American Dream Circa 2010
Four Star
Mister Me, Mister Useless
The Cannibal Notices Nostalgia Is a Form of Cannibalism
Cultural Exchange
Deena Linett At Masada
Chad Sweeney The Audi and Its Driver
Follow Me I Know a Shortcut
Brian Turner Time Life
Trajectories (in Red)
The Lean of the Body into the Banking Turn
Andrea Watson Serenity of If



Clyde Fixmer Robert Wrigley’s Beautiful Country


Short Stories

Ellen Akins Her Delivery
Jackie Zollo Brooks In Black and White
Jack Driscoll Prowlers
Abby Frucht Erasures
John Griswold A Democracy of Ghosts
[An excerpt from the novel]
Stephanie Mood The Accident
Sandra Rouse Sisters
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury