Serving House: A Journal of Literary Arts
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Contents: Issue 14: Spring 2016


Essays and Creative Nonfiction

Jill Boyles Moving Toward a Polish National Identity
D. E. Clemen All of Our Souls Are Stained Red Like Her Shoes
Skip Eisiminger Boiling the Lance: Recreational Linguistics
Bud Jennings Trunk Ashes
Thomas E. Kennedy See Translations


Featured Artist

Lucinda Luvaas Fine Art: Six Works:
Heading West
The Great Beyond


Featured Author

Clare MacQueen First American to Receive The Dan Turèll Prize:
Author and Translator Thomas E. Kennedy
Thomas E. Kennedy Translating Dan Turèll’s Poetry
Lars Movin The American-Dane and the Danish-American:
Dan Turèll and Thomas E. Kennedy

[translated by Thomas E. Kennedy]
Dan Turèll Poems translated from the Danish
by Thomas E. Kennedy:
Autumn Blues
Behind Every Single Window
Midnight Mass
Shop Window Blues


Featured Retrospective

SHJ Editors Kent Haruf’s Plainsong


Flash Fiction (up to 1500 words)

Molly Gillcrist Another Look
Charles Hansmann At Least Be Welcome: England 1956
Lynn Mundell Past Life
Jon Sindell Snickers’ Doodles


Kowit’s Korner

Clare MacQueen First published in Issue 13, Fall 2015:
An Introduction [+ The Kowit Prize]
Dan Gilmore Visitation
Clifton King Kowit Humor
Steve Kowit A Prayer
The Box-Elder Bug
The Visit
Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo Untouching
Jim Moreno [An Anecdote]



Deborah Allbritain Two Poems:
A Little Haunting
The Birch Canoe Slid on Rough Planks
Carl Auerbach Bed of Nails
Marta Balcewicz Recess Games
Joseph Buehler Merchandise
Michael Estabrook Apathy
Ruth Foley Aubade with Blood Moon and Wasted Fruit
Debra Franco Three Poems:
Elegy to a Husband Not Yet Dead
Pain Francais
Mike Hedrick Three Poems:
Bike for Sale
Caffeine Blues
Peter Krumbach Buttons in the Zoo
Scott Laudati leave me alone
T. K. Lee Mimic
Ruth Lehrer Polite Salutation
Laurie Lessen-Reiche You Are a Bouquet of Atoms Shimmering
Jack Marshall Two Poems:
Aleppo Winter
Etiquette of Defeat
Joy Moore Four Poems:
A Dream Without Faces
In the Shade of White Fire
The Piano
The Sleepwalkers
Terry Spohn The World
R. S. Stewart Car and Road
Barbara Tramonte Three Poems:
Night in the Gazebo
Ray Charles
The Tyrannical Mind
Dan Turèll See Translations
Eileen Van Hook Lunatic



SHJ Editors Kent Haruf’s Plainsong [Featured Retrospective]


Short Stories

A. S. Coomer More Rust than Nickel
Walter Cummins Nightfall
Lou Gaglia Networking
Brian Howlett An American Day
Steven Roiphe Never Been Tested
Tom Sheehan Mourning for the Last Day
Ron Yates Operating Expenses



Thomas E. Kennedy See Featured Author


Visual Arts

Lucinda Luvaas See Featured Artist

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury