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Contents: Issue 8: Fall 2013



Collaboration of Artists Last Walk Through the City

[A clip from the CD, AN INTRODUCTION: Dan Turèll+Halfdan E Meets Thomas E. Kennedy]


Essays and Creative Nonfiction

Walter Cummins Freak of Nature
George Djuric Safari Through Psychodelia
David Ewald Lontananza
Eduardo Ramirez Welcome to Hell
Dorothy R. Rice Belated Homage


Featured Author

Katey Schultz Flashes of War: Short Stories
[Excerpt + Review + Press Kit and More]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Fall 2013:

13 Writers Reading
Steve Davenport’s Work

Soundtrack for My Funeral

As Davenport says, this is the “labor of writer-friends who have been kind enough to lend their voices to my words.” His poems are read aloud by:

Renee Ashley   Gianmarc Manzione
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram   Clay Matthews
Ron Cooper   Bayo Ojikutu
Walter Cummins   Chad Simpson
Patrick Michael Finn   David Wright
Kathleen Graber   Susan Yount
Thomas E. Kennedy    

[This list was current as of 10-31-13.]
Victoria Melekian “What I Don’t Tell Him”

A three-minute “dime story” reading by the author
Robert Shapard “The Remarkable Reinvention of Very Short Fiction”

Essay in World Literature Today (September 2012)

“The popularity...has continued to grow, worldwide, especially since the 1980s. In the United States, anthologies, collections, and chapbooks of them have sold about a million copies—not as many as a John Grisham best-seller, but notable nonetheless. TV and movie actors have read them to live audiences on Broadway, taped for airing later on National Public Radio’s Selected Shorts...
Amy Wallen, host Dime Stories

This series offers three-minute stories read by their authors. [Sign up for free PRX account to access listening library.]


Featured Sites

List for Fall 2013: Authors Audio

Contemporary World Literature

Literary Mama

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol

[We’re proud and honored to be counted amongst WDS’s top 50 literary magazines.]


Flash Fiction

Roisin McLean Dying to Dream
Sarena Ulibarri Brain Child



Tom Andes Thomas E. Kennedy’s Dangerous Songs



Editor’s Note
Ellery Akers Mud Lake
Judith Barkley 1976—First Christmas with Jean Lucille
Rebecca Chamaa Diet Away
The Exposure After Death
Billy Collins Empty House
Pausing on a Walk in the Woods
Anna DiMartino At 5am
The Trouble with Night
Jessica Dubey Plagiarized
Clyde Fixmer [Three Poems + Commentary]
A Recipe
Dan Gilmore Destiny
Telling Your Stories in a Tweeting World: A Guide for the Aging
The Hyperbolist
Tunnel of Love
Shadab Zeest Hashmi [Three Poems + Commentary]
In the Piazza
Hank Kalet [Three Excerpts from As an Alien in a Land of Promise + Commentary]
Yahia Lababidi I Saw My Face
Sylvia Levinson Sunday Night at Dave’s
Jack Marshall [Three Poems + Commentary]
Roy Mash Synopsis
The Formalist Flattered
Victoria Melekian Shooting Star
Jim Moreno Emergency Kiss
[Poem + Eight Poems by Students + Commentary]
Existential Freedom Pens
Fake Smile, by S. C.
Have You Ever, by D. F.
If I Had My Way, by S.
Knowing the Meaning of the Word Kind,
by Maria J.
My Life, by Robert
Our Hands, by C. T.
Warrior ’n Soldier, by G.
Would It Be So Easy, by V. R. G.
L. J. Morin From Shunga
Sonnet for the Lizards
Dennis Morton [Four Poems by Students + Commentary]
Dangling, by Alex
Like a Clock, by Favio
Scarred, by Paris
The Beginning of the End, by Marcos
Barry North Fool
Eduardo Ramirez Respire
Things I Like
Rae Rose A Moth Dies at a Bed & Breakfast
She’d Wash the Parsley
Sandra Szelag A Brief Glimpse into the Nocturnal Life of a Woman Way Past Menopause
What Does This Woman Want?
G. Murray Thomas The Moral of This Story Is
Dan Turèll See Translations below
John Webb Our Deafness Amuses Their Gentle Souls
Suellen Wedmore The Keeper of Lime Rock Light


Poets Talk

Clyde Fixmer Some Notes on Poems from The Year Lived Over & Over
Shadab Zeest Hashmi Commentary on Poems from Kohl and Chalk
Hank Kalet Commentary on Excerpts from As an Alien in a Land of Promise
Jack Marshall Commentary on Poems from Spiral Trace
Jim Moreno Commentary on Poems from Juvenile Hall, San Diego
Dennis Morton Commentary on Poems from Juvenile Detention Center, Santa Cruz



Duff Brenna Devil in the Hole
[A novel by Charles Salzberg]
Flashes of War
[Short stories by Katey Schultz]
Getting Lucky: New and Selected Stories 1982-2012
[By Thomas E. Kennedy]
Kerrigan in Copenhagen: A Love Story
[A novel by Thomas E. Kennedy]
“The Crying Card”
[A short story by Lisa Alexander]
Walter Cummins Signatures in Stone
[A novel by Linda Lappin]


Short Stories

Becky Fine-Firesheets The Roof
Thomas E. Kennedy Landing Zone X-Ray
Katey Schultz The Quiet Kind
[An excerpt from Flashes of War: Short Stories]
Tamara Shaffer The End of the World
Tom Sheehan The Old Man of the River
Per Šmidl All Living Things Great and Small
[An excerpt from the novel, Wagon 57 Christiania]
Joann Smith Taking Notes
Jon Steinhagen Tour of Nothing



Dan Turèll Last Walk Through the City

[A poem translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy; includes art by
Barry Lereng Wilmont & soundtrack by Halfdan E]


Visual Arts

Alex Nodopaka Digital Art + Manifesto: Art for the 21st Century
Digital Art: Crow
Digital Art: Dove
Digital Art: Extracting the Truth
Digital Art: Fist Fight I
Digital Art: Guitar Player by Picasso
Digital Art: Killing the Dragon
Gerri Nodopaka Photograph: Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Sherry Rubel Photographs: [Tent City Project, 1 thru 5]
Sarah F. Russell Painting: Portait of Yahia Lababidi
Cindy Sheppard Photograph: [Blue Ridge Mountains]
Photograph: [Fall on the Cape Fear River]
Photograph: [Mountain Stream, Blowing Rock]
Barry Lereng Wilmont Lithographs: Dan Turèll Stentryk, 001–004
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury