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Contents: Issue 17: Fall 2017


Creative Nonfiction, Essays, Memoir

Walter Cummins Knowing Writers
Skip Eisiminger Dead But Not Buried: Last Words
Disputing the Indisputable: Taste
Liquid Lapis Coursing Through the Veins: Royalty


Featured Author

SHJ Editors Jack Driscoll: The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot


Founder’s Choice

Jerry Bumpus Anaconda [An excerpt from the novel]
Jack Marshall Two Poems:
2nd Amendment
I have a fear of heights


Kowit’s Korner

Clare MacQueen A Note
venus pax Two Haiku


Poetry: Guest Editor’s Selections

Thanks so much to our guest editor Alexis Rhone Fancher for making this one of our largest and best poetry issues—she selected 50 works by 38 poets, and we believe Steve Kowit would have been delighted, too!

Alexis Rhone Fancher An Intro Note
Michelle Bitting I Don’t Want a Funeral
Laurel Ann Bogen Kisses I Remember
Elya Braden Two Poems:
Expiration Date
John F. Buckley Season’s Greetings
Peter Neil Carroll Free Trade
M. Doretta Cornell Perhaps
Darren C. Demaree Three Poems:
A Night So Beautiful We Had to Burn Down the Senator’s House #34, #35, and #36
Jude Dillon Two Poems:
[You’re on the last drop]
[A large whiskey has focus]
Elisabeth Adwin Edwards Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear or For Your Information
Michael Estabrook Internal Monologue
Vern Fein In a Short While
Michael C Ford State of Grace
Jeff Friedman Hole [Prose poem]
Bill Gillard Sheol Farm
Tony Gloeggler A Good Bad Day
Mitchell Krockmalnick Grabois Harsh Chord
Robert J. Howe The Gather Inn
Joseph Hurtgen Americans
James Croal Jackson Two Poems:
After the Lancaster Beer Festival
Richard Jones The Leather Flask
Sneha Subramanian Kanta Why No One Writes Anymore of the Moon
Christina Kapp Fixer-Upper
Robert S. King Two Poems:
How to See the World
Hearing an Atheist’s Confession
Ellen LaFleche Prayer for Despair
Ellaraine Lockie Contribution to Creativity
Clint Margrave Two Poems:
In Our Twenties
The Role of Art
Catfish McDaris Two Poems:
A Tornado of Trouble
Lisa Marguerite Mora How the Moon Came Roaring
Jim Natal How Fitting [Haibun]
Linda Neal Plums, Maybe Plums
Simon Perchik Four Poems:
[Again and again you begin each night]
[Even without a caress its petals]
[For a few hours every night the floor]
[You sleep with the coat buttoned]
Cliff Saunders Bed of Victories
Lisa Segal Two Poems:
If a Song’s
What Lola Wants
Beate Sigriddaughter Neruda’s Mermaid
Pam Ward Why My “T” Sticks
Florence Weinberger Picasso’s Four Bulls
Terry Wolverton Keep a bullet in your pocket for times like these
Jim Zola The Window



Duff Brenna The Goat Fish and the Lover’s Knot by Jack Driscoll [Short stories]
Marilyn L. Taylor In Hubble’s Shadow by Carol Smallwood [Poems]


Short Stories

Jerry Bumpus The Dirigible [Flash fiction]
Mitchell Krockmalnick Grabois Carnality [Flash fiction]
Toni Ann Johnson Home
Thomas E. Kennedy What Does God Care About Your Dignity, Victor Travesti?
Roisin McLean The Threshold of Things Lost


Visual Arts

Darrell Black Two Artworks [Drawings]:
A Really Bad Trip
Bunte Moo
Duane Locke Three Artworks [Mixed Media]:
Sur-Object U-567
Sur-Object U-594
Three Graces
Nancy Parshall Three Photographs:
Artsy Shadows
Eclipse in a Puddle
[Purple Harvest]

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury