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Contents: Issue 4: Fall 2011


Essays and CNF

Jennifer Arin ¡Ole, the Rhythms of Sevilla!
T. Nicole Cirone On Sleeping in Another Woman’s Bed
DeWitt Henry Sweet Dreams: A Family History
[An excerpt from the memoir]
Thomas E. Kennedy You Don’t Remember Me, But I Remember You:
For Janet McDonald (1954-2007)
Steve Kowit The 97,000-Mile-a-Minute Poetry Machine
[A chapter from Light Years: an Anthology on Sociocultural Happenings (Multimedia in the East Village, 1960-1966), edited by Carol Bergé]
Chauncey Mabe The Death of the Book Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
Clare MacQueen The Fragrance of Levity
[In memory of Kelley Marie Smith, 1980-2011]
Richard Reiss Desperate Love: A Father’s Memoir
[An excerpt]


Featured Author

Lauren B. Davis Our Daily Bread
[An excerpt from the novel]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Fall 2011:

Derek Alger “DeWitt Henry”
[Interview in Pif Magazine, 1 March 2011]
Rusty Barnes “Interview: DeWitt Henry”
[Discussion of Henry’s memoir, Sweet Dreams, in Night Train magazine, 2011]
Leah Odze Epstein “Interview with Lauren B. Davis”
[Drinking Diaries: From Celebration to Revelation, 28 September 2011]
Lindsey Howard “A Weekly Peek at an Area Artist: Gladys Swan”
[Columbia Daily Tribune, 29 March 2009]
Richard Reiss “Sending a Lost Boy to the Wilderness to Find Himself”
[The New York Times, November 2005]
Tarren98 “Our Daily Bread by Lauren B. Davis: A Visit”
[Interview, My Book Addiction Reviews (09-29-11), which describes the story behind the story]


Featured Sites

List for Fall 2011: Contemporary World Literature

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol


Flash Fiction

Okla Elliott Lonely Tylenol
Leslie What Old Baby



Sara Byrd An Interview With Thomas E. Kennedy


Poetry: American Sentences

Jan Clausen

Colleen Dawson

J.C. Elkin

Ori Fienberg

Amanda Fuller

Terry Hertzler

Danielle Hunt

Jen Lagedrost

Jake Oliver

Laura Praytor

Sean T. Randolph

Scott Stewart

In our Spring 2011 issue, we put out the word that we were looking for “American Sentences,” 17-syllable sentences with the cleverness, poignancy, epiphanic delightfulness, or acute perception one finds in epigrammatic poetry. Perhaps this form (invented by Allen Ginsberg) is the real American Haiku. Or maybe these are just Lowkus or blinks or…


Poetry: Other Forms

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson See Translations below
Gary Fincke The Flurry
The Odds
Clyde Fixmer The God of Dogs
Terry Hertzler How Fierce the Sun Was
Michael [+ Commentary]
No-Name Poem
The Value of Leisure
Tiny Silver Threads
Walking Pneumonia
Jackleen Holton Downpour
Santa Monica
The Keeper
Perie Longo Ms. R’s Introduction of Visitor to Her Second Grade Class
The End
Jack Marshall Now Past the Age of Active Ambition
Tiffany Brooke Martin Pear-Ripe Memories
St. Stephen’s Green Images
Kathleen McGookey Paid
Ali Murphy Dig In
Garage Sale
Ron Salisbury A Walk With Chet
Shelley Savren Losing You to AIDS
Purple Irises
The Court School
Terence Winch Dirt City
Parade Theory


Poets Talk

Terry Hertzler On “Michael”



Duff Brenna Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective
[A memoir by Jerry Castaldo (Pink Cloud Publishing, 2011)]
Streethearts Street Smarts
[Review of novel Streethearts by Greg Herriges (Kindle edition, 2011)]
The Tiger’s Eye: New and Selected Stories
[Review of collection by Gladys Swan (Serving House Books, 2011)]
Chauncy Mabe The Amazing Superiority of Literary Science Fiction
[Review of The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2009)]
Carol Smallwood and then there were three…
[Review of memoir by Supriya Bhatnagar (Serving House Books, 2010)]


Short Stories

Walter Cummins Oubliette
Kimbra Cutlip Cavallo
[Features paintings by Carole Bolsey]
Nels Hanson The Day the Sleeping Child Woke
Steve Heller Good Advice
Deborah Nedelman The Balance
Jennifer Nissley The Encounter
Tom Sheehan The Old Man in the Garden of Long Shadows
Greg W. Taylor Wolf
Tony Van Witsen The Moment Before the Downbeat



Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson The Month For Me Is April
[A poem translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy]


Visual Arts

Carol Bolsey Painting: Black Horse Red Man
Painting: Horse and Man
Painting: Wild Horse
Gladys Swan Painting: Momentum

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury