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Contents: Issue 3: Spring 2011


Essays and CNF

James Brown Some Kind of Animal
[An excerpt from This River: A Memoir]
Walter Cummins Knowing Vance Bourjaily
Thomas E. Kennedy Poughkeepsie, 1962
Chauncey Mabe Maybe the Good Die Young, but Sometimes the Great Live to Productive Old Age
Nabokov Was a Scientific Genius, Too, As It Turns Out
David Memmott Netting the Nimble Rabbit: The Banning of Steve Martin’s Play, “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” in Our Town
Robin Parks The Bleeding Eye


Featured Author

James Brown This River: A Memoir
[Excerpt + Reviews]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Spring 2011:

Brian Brodeur How a Poem Happens: Contemporary Poets Discuss the Making of Poems
[A Talk With Dorianne Laux, February 2009]
Dave Jarecki “Interview With Joseph Millar”
[27 February 2009]
Victoria Patterson “An Interview With James Brown”
[A discussion of memoir vs. fiction, 10 March 2011]
Neda Raeker “George Washington’s Late Fines: An Interview with Tom Fleming”
[1 November 2010] “Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101—from Tragedy to Survival”
[An Interview of James Brown]


Featured Sites

List for Spring 2011: Contemporary World Literature

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol


Flash Fiction

Line-Maria Lång See Translations below
Clare MacQueen An Integrated Man
Hank Pugh Back With Glorian



Duff Brenna A Conversation With Award-Winning Poet/Novelist Jack Driscoll
Marla E. Schwartz Chris Bohjalian



Editor’s Note
Joseph Duemer Abandoned Bluetick Bitch [+ Commentary]
Johannes Ewald See Translations below
Johann Wolfgang Goethe See Translations below
Susan Hartung Little Goat
Appreciation, After Illness
Complete Obituary
Terry Hertzler I meant to write a happy poem
Turkey Pot Pie
Michael Hettich The Lesson
As Children
The Colorblind Man
Donna Hilbert Perspective
The Angel Garmin
Trees [+ Commentary]
Dorianne Laux Coloring Book
How to Sleep
Pentagon Orders Dead Officers to Report for Duty
Jack Marshall Three Sections from Trace
“Hitler bought off Pius XIII’s Vatican
Joseph Millar Leaving Coos County
The Dutch Roll
Colin Smith Everyone Has Something to Say
Al Zolynas Love in the Classroom [+ Commentary]


Poets Talk

Serving House Journal intends to publish in each forthcoming issue, along with a delicious selection of contemporary poems, two or three informal essays by poets discussing one of their poems. In this issue we feature:

Joseph Duemer On “Abandoned Bluetick Bitch”
Donna Hilbert Trees: A Nook in the Memory Palace
Al Zolynas On “Love in the Classroom”



Duff Brenna An Agenbite of Inwit & Other Wits as Well
[George W. Bush Buys Coke in Mid-Eternity, satire by Liam MacSheóinín, Serving House Books, 2010]
[a seriocomic novel by Mark Goldblatt]
Chauncy Mabe Brando Skyhorse and Other Winners of the Literary Awards Season
R. A. Rycraft The Girl With Red Hair: Musings on a Theme
What We Choose to Remember
Writers and Their Notebooks


Short Stories

Clyde Fixmer The Neophyte
Thomas Fleming That Old Time Religion
Mathias B. Freese Sincerely, Max Weber
Elizabeth Gauffreau Living in the Ben Franklin Block
William Luvaas Heat Wave
Valerie Miner Cocktails
Kenneth Rapoza Almost Home
Tom Sheehan Last Call for a Loner



Johannes Ewald The Evening
[A poem translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy]
Johann Wolfgang Goethe The Moonlit Night
[A poem translated after Emil Aarestrup’s
Danish by Thomas E. Kennedy]
Line-Maria Lång Collector
[Flash fiction translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy]

“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury