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Contents: Issue 7: Spring 2013


Essays and Creative Nonfiction

Molly Giles Where Have All the Old Ladies Gone?
Roisin McLean White Chin Hair and a Lonely Female Cardinal
Peter Najarian Autumn 1960
R. A. Rycraft Ten Ways to Look at Boob Jobs
Michael J. Soloway Introducing Mother Nature
Leslie What Three Sisters Have We in Our House


Featured Author

Greg Herriges A Song of Innocence
[An excerpt from the novel + a review, an interview, and more]


Featured Links

Link-lists in the blue column at right change with each issue. (Note: All out-links open in a new window.) Links below were featured during Spring 2013:

Nin Andrews Meet the Press: Nin Andrews in Conversation with Walter Cummins of Serving House Books

Includes a poem by Claire Bateman and one by Mark Hillringhouse, from collections published by Walter and his team of dedicated volunteers

The Best American Poetry (17 Nov 2012)
James Barron Paintings in Garage Find Appreciation in Gallery

“Oh, just put it all in the garbage,” she told him. “He said himself to just leave it all for the garbagemen.”

Article describes how author/artist Peter Najarian rescued thousands of paintings by his deceased cousin, Arthur Pinajian, which were later valued at $30 million

New York Times (8 Mar 2013)
Okla Elliott What David R. Slavitt Knows

An interview with the writer, poet, and translator, who’s both prolific and long-lived (”What amazes me is not the 100 books but the fact that I am 76 and have nine grandchildren.”)

“The book sold 4,000,000 copies and put my kids through college, and the tax rates then went as high as 70%. So, je ne regrette rien....

Inside Higher Ed (9 Nov 2011)
Michael Limnios Joan Jobe Smith: West Coast Pearl

An interview with the editor/poet, also a long-time confidante and co-conspirator of Charles Bukowski

“ image I wish I could’ve captured on canvas was the benevolent look on his face
when he ate a bowl of my soup
I fixed for him in 1975...”

Blues.GR (2 Feb 2013)
Timmy Waldron An Interview with Thomas E. Kennedy

In which they discuss Kennedy’s latest book, Getting Lucky: New and Selected Stories, 1982-2012

“I guess that I have been lying for so long that I no longer know the difference between a lie and the truth, but truth is born of lies. At first I resisted the term ‘creative nonfiction,’ but now I find it very handy to describe what I write—it’s all a lie and really happened, it’s nonfiction that we create.”

Word Riot (Jan 2013)
Leslie What Why I Wash the Dead

New Vilna Review (18 Apr 2008)

[A lovely essay, first published in Parabola (2002), and one of the Webmaster’s all-time favorites.]
World Parade Books Q&A with Fred Voss

Includes the poem, “Charles Bukowski’s Groupie”

World Parade Books (2011)


Featured Sites

List for Spring 2013: Authors Audio

Contemporary World Literature

Literary Mama

Poem of the Week

Serving House Books

Serving House News

Web del Sol

[We’re proud and honored to be counted amongst WDS’s top 50 literary magazines.]


Flash Fiction

Line-Maria Lång See Translations below
Patrick Vincent Welsh Made in China



Derek Alger DeWitt Henry
Greg Herriges
[+ an update for Spring 2013]
Bruce Holbert



Steve Davenport Dear Money Shot



Frances Payne Adler Cracking Open
Laurel Ann Bogen Imprint, May, 1970 [+ Commentary]
John Brantingham A Man Stepping into a River
Apology to Madeline
Poem to the Child Who I Almost Adopted
Thinking About Wilfred Owen
Fran Burnett Inventory 1995
Linda Delmont The Cool Sub
Jim Eret Go Out with the Music Playing
Heather Eudy Categories of Sex
Rachel Gellman 11 Years Ago, Sarah Stands on the Land of the Green Lady
Saturday Morning Rituals
The Kosher Cobbler
Things that Smell Good
Jack Grapes Requiem
Sean Gunning Fireflight
Jill G. Hall I Too Looked for Mr. Goodbar
Uffe Harder See Translations below
Susan Hartung Closing Salutations
Virginia Hemingway Quiet Night
Steven Hendrix At the Caffe Trieste, North Beach
Planting Seeds
Dolores Johnson 6 Foot 7 and to His Belly-Button I Stood
Dorianne Laux First Light
Listening to Paul Simon
San Diego, 1965
Second Hand Coat
Charles-René Marie Leconte de Lisle See Translations below
Fred Longworth Submittable Takes Over the World
Roy Mash Desire for Retirement
Ann Menebroker Chaplin, Harold Lloyd & Albert Einstein
I Will Put in Your Mouth the Words of the Ancients
When the Light Fails
Stephanie Mood [Three Poems + Commentary]
Death Valley, California
Fred Moramarco Sonnets vs. Trees
Laura Jeanne Morefield I Invented Body Surfing
Jill Moses A Teacher’s Lament on Spring
Richmond Avenue
Barry North Who Will Come to Save Me Now?
Burton Raabe Bug Splat
Marine Suicide in Downstate Illinois
Sacrifice Must be Made
Ron Salisbury Gloria
Catherine Simpson Drunk Guy
Joan Jobe Smith Hollow Cost
What I Learned from the Movies
Fred Voss 2011 Years Hanging on the Cross
No Belt Sander to Smooth Their Souls
Terence Winch Brightness, Whiteness, Incandescence
How I Lost My Virginity
The Taking


Poets Talk

Laurel Ann Bogen On “Imprint, May, 1970”
Stephanie Mood On the Poems in California Poems: Gold in Them Hills



Duff Brenna A Song of Innocence
[A novel by Greg Herriges]
Apocalypse Now
[Ashes Rain Down, a collection of linked short stories by William Luvaas]
Walter Cummins The Bell at the End of a Rope
[A story collection by Abby Frucht]
The Book of Idiots
[A novel by Christopher Meredith]


Short Stories

George Djuric Live Your Own Life, for You Will Die Your Own Death
Neal Fandek Vietnam Johnny Meets the Human Barbie
Joseph Giordano It’s My Treat
Thomas E. Kennedy Maybe Baby
[An excerpt from Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down, a novel-in-essays]
Frank Scozzari Kill Me with Chocolate
Meg Sefton Mary Wollstonecraft at the Kitty Cat
Tom Sheehan Salvatore Giambaressi, Numbers Runner, Reader
Timmy Waldron All My Lovers Were Liars, Too



Uffe Harder Seeds
[A poem translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy]
Line-Maria Lång Doll
[Short fiction translated from Danish by
Thomas E. Kennedy]
Kiss the Joint
Charles-René Marie Leconte de Lisle The Hummingbird
[A poem translated from French by
David R. Slavitt]
The Jaguar’s Dream
The Sleep of the Condor 1858


Visual Arts

Peter Najarian Painting: Life Study, 31 October 2012
Painting: Life Study in Acrylic, 1992
Painting: Self-Portrait
“...we have been born here to witness and celebrate. We wonder at our purpose for living. Our purpose
is to perceive the fantastic. Why have a universe if there is no audience?” — Ray Bradbury